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Nathan · 7/13/2015

The app is nice but could use a couple tweaks, one it would be nice to be able to put tiles that are links to websites in folders and occasionally when trying to go back to the folder I was using it takes me to my All Folders instead.

Dean · 7/11/2015

This is a great app. It helps me to stay organized and it allows me to be more productive not having to waste time looking for apps.

Robert · 6/25/2015

The only things I would really want something like this for are the things that don't have a transparent tile or a functional live tile since I can just have similar apps close together on the start screen. I would mostly want something like this for other things that can be pinned to the start screen besides apps since most apps I use have transparent tiles or I want to see the live tile. This is pretty slow to open so it would end up wasting a lot of time and it doesn't allow you to add pins or preinstalled apps that came with the phone to folders.

allen · 7/12/2015

I did rate this app a 5. But now I "have to" re-rate it to a 3.5 just because it started to not work properly not allowing any of my folders tht I've pinned to pop on or up! It's just straight kicking me back off with no sign of any of my folders that I have made!?!?! MAKE IT BETTER. AND I WILL RE-INSTALL FAITHFULLY!!! OR MAKE A BETTER ONE JUST LIKE THIS APP! PLEASE

Steve · 7/4/2015

UPDATE: I've...found...a need for this app again because the feature to drag live tiles into one another on the Start Screen to create a folder makes for a really slow phone since all of those tiles are still live, even with the folder collapsed. ORIGINAL REVIEW: I've personally outgrown the need to use it anymore, since I keep my start screen organized just the way I like it and know where everything is. It is still a good app though, and I suggest everyone at least give it a try. This really should have been built in as a native app very long ago.

James · 7/6/2015

It helps organize the start screen, which is a must if you like to download a lot of apps.

Jj · 6/12/2015

Keeps deleting the folders I create and removing the tile from my phone.

T.J. · 6/12/2015

I had to install this just to point out that those of us who get the developer preview updates already have live tile folders and they're amazing.

Marcos · 5/26/2015

This app was great before but no it sucks. Before when you open the folder with your app it would scroll down without going to another window and see a list of app in the folder. It was quicker that way and now it just like opening an app with in an app. Very disappointed.

john · 5/24/2015

Not the best because you can just open the folder like you can on other platforms.


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