• Touch strip settings include:
  • Flick to scroll quickly (on/off)
  • Tap to page up / page down (on/off)
  • Vibration/sound (on/off)
  • Intensity of vibration/sound
  • Flip scrolling direction (on/off)
  • Reassign middle tap

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Version Notes

v2.1.123 - Fix the compatibility issue with Windows 10 insider preview - Fix the touch strip failure by Restore defaults command

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Reviewer 2571 · 6/19/2015
Love the mouse, but should allow back button

I love the feel of the mouse, but wish they would update the application to use both top and bottom middle buttons for customization and add in forward and back button options to program into it. That would make this mouse over the top perfect 5 stars.

Trevor · 8/2/2015

I can finally mute the mouse and turn off the middle double tap. Those were the only things I didn't like about this mouse. It's perfect now!

James · 3/17/2015
Limited setup options in the app

In the dongle style arc touch mouse settings, you could customize the settings based on the program that you're using. I can't double tap on the scroll bar to go back a page in IE or within File Explorer. :(

Konstantin · 7/17/2015
Does the job

Now that it doesn't break the mouse in Windows 10, it's OK :-)

Dustin · 2/14/2015
Touch strip sensitivity

Really need to have the means to adjust the Touch strip sensitivity in the App. Working in Excel documents I too often have the cursor jump from a light bump of the Touch strip. Very aggravating and keeps this from as functional as a traditional scroll wheel.

Yeun Chul · 2/12/2015
Scroll does not work

After installing this app, scrolling does not work occasionally. Sad thing is that it is impossible to mute the vibration and annoying sound without this app.

Josh · 1/28/2015
Volume/Vibrate slider DOES work

I'm not sure what other reviewers are talking about because the volume/vibrate slider for the scroll function works perfectly. Granted, the adjustments are in very small increments, but you can easily tell the difference between setting 1 and setting 10, even if the difference between 1 and 2 is too subtle. The only reason I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 is that I wish the volume and vibrate had SEPERATE sliders. This way, the vibration could be more intense without increasing the volume; or you could turn one completely off and not the other.

Kit · 1/24/2015
Great hardware - subpar software support

I picked up this mouse, and it's great. The hardware seems quality, but a little odd to get used to the vertically curved shape. Software support is terrible. There are five options, and one doesn't work. The mouse "scroll volume" does not have louder or quieter settings. Nor does it affect the strength of the vibration. About the only thing you're using this for is to turn off the vibration/sound and dictate the what middle click does. TO MICROSOFT: Stop letting bad apps get out in your name. Your hardware is the best in the biz. You need to support it after release. For this app: 1) you need to fix the volume/vibe slide bar. 2) Separate the volume and vibration into two slide bars (I want haptic feedback, but silent scroll for office and night use). 3. Place at least a link to the Windows mouse settings (where you adjust pointer speeds) if not providing full integration. 4. Ensure smooth scrolling works on at least all major web browsers. I want to use Chrome for extensions

Dorian · 10/25/2014
Good app start, but needs many more features.

Would like to be able to change the scrolling sound to a variety of choices. And have the option to have the vibration without the sound of the scrolling. A battery indicator would be helpful as well.

Michael · 10/16/2014
Exactly what I needed to turn off annoying sound

I had the mouse less than an hour and was already looking for how to turn off the haptic feedback and sound. Well, mostly just the sound. I'd keep the haptic feedback if it was quiet and I could just feel it.

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