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zean360 · 5/27/2011

It crashes

BleriotIX · 2/3/2011

Crash happy software from an otherwise great company.

Player547540788 · 12/23/2010

App does find the location at all and it error out

axm1 · 8/17/2012

No info for a decent zoom in my country yet (Costa Rica).

Xenam · 10/26/2011

It's great... I just don't know what exactly it's supposed to do... I'm sure if you know though, its a wonderful product. Map clarity is good good and response time is quick. Honestly though, if you're looking for a "Oh, hey, there's my house!" app, this is it. That's all I could tell that it would do. Show you your house.

MitigationElf · 10/19/2011

At this point this is a "neat toy". While it does connect to my ArcGIS account and show me my groups and maps, it will not permit my maps to open on my phone. I cannot find any way to get assistance with this. For this to be a truly helpful, useful app, it needs to be cross-platform where I CAN access my maps from both my phone and my desktop. Once this is fixed, the app will bump up to 5 stars.

fat lazy hick · 6/8/2011

Gives exception crash on start up every time on Samsung focus. Reminds me of when arc first replaced falconview on asas light.

sandykyu · 3/4/2011

This isn't a typical map application; it's for displaying specialized maps and map data. If you just need to know where you are or how to get somewhere, use the built-in maps in WP7. If you want maps with sharper aerial images, or esoteric data sets (Halloween costume spending in the U.S., anyone?), or especially if you use a specialized map in your work, this app could be valuable. If you're a map geek, it could simply be fun. UI is a bit clunky--not always smooth, and different enough from the WP7 it runs on that the commands/gestures don't come naturally. I didn't experience the crashes some others have reported. In short, a unique application. Offers some possibilities to explore. But only you can tell if it's for you.

Player015067953 · 2/18/2011

I'm not sure why this has been given negative reviews for not givng POI's or directions as this is not what this application is for. This app is for people who know how to use maps beyond what is shown in your typical in-car navigation system. That being said this is an outstanding app and in my opinion has the largest amount of useful data of any app I have seen so far. There are base maps ranging from roads to projected thunderstorm activity. Use your brain and see what you can do/find with this app. You may be surprised!!

Jugador25017011 · 2/16/2011

Excellent application, very easy to use