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Andrew · 7/26/2015

Collector is coming soon, along with Explorer.

groganrj · 11/10/2011

Lots of maps but most of them won't display

zean360 · 5/27/2011

It crashes

BleriotIX · 2/3/2011

Crash happy software from an otherwise great company.

Player547540788 · 12/23/2010

App does find the location at all and it error out

axm1 · 8/17/2012

No info for a decent zoom in my country yet (Costa Rica).

Xenam · 10/26/2011

It's great... I just don't know what exactly it's supposed to do... I'm sure if you know though, its a wonderful product. Map clarity is good good and response time is quick. Honestly though, if you're looking for a "Oh, hey, there's my house!" app, this is it. That's all I could tell that it would do. Show you your house.

MitigationElf · 10/19/2011

At this point this is a "neat toy". While it does connect to my ArcGIS account and show me my groups and maps, it will not permit my maps to open on my phone. I cannot find any way to get assistance with this. For this to be a truly helpful, useful app, it needs to be cross-platform where I CAN access my maps from both my phone and my desktop. Once this is fixed, the app will bump up to 5 stars.

fat lazy hick · 6/8/2011

Gives exception crash on start up every time on Samsung focus. Reminds me of when arc first replaced falconview on asas light.

sandykyu · 3/4/2011

This isn't a typical map application; it's for displaying specialized maps and map data. If you just need to know where you are or how to get somewhere, use the built-in maps in WP7. If you want maps with sharper aerial images, or esoteric data sets (Halloween costume spending in the U.S., anyone?), or especially if you use a specialized map in your work, this app could be valuable. If you're a map geek, it could simply be fun. UI is a bit clunky--not always smooth, and different enough from the WP7 it runs on that the commands/gestures don't come naturally. I didn't experience the crashes some others have reported. In short, a unique application. Offers some possibilities to explore. But only you can tell if it's for you.