• CAD CREATION: Create precise geometry objects such as shapes, polygons, text fields, lines, Bezier curves and path figures.
  • CAD MODIFICATION: Edit geometry elements and their parameters such as dimension and position, filling, stroke color, stroke thickness, opacity, text, pattern and path figure points.
  • CAD CONSTRUCTION | ROOM PLANER: Create architectural/engineering objects such as rooms, walls and openings. Create architecture floor plans and equip rooms with furniture. Define annotations and descr
  • GRAPHIC | DESIGN | ILLUSTRATION: Create great projects such as flyers, posters, charts, postcards, greeting cards, business cards and illustrations. Photos can be complemented by text and graphics fro
  • PAINT- & SKETCHBOOK: Draw, paint and sketch colorful scenes, landscapes, characters, cartoons and comics.
  • ARTWORK | HOBBY: Create background images imported from the camera or the media library. Equip them with graphics and make annotations.
  • PROJECT HANDLING: Save projects as editable vector-based projects. Load and modify projects at all times. Save the work as image files to the media library.
  • BACKUP: Export & Import projects to OneDrive for data exchange in the XML file format.
  • The TRIAL VERSION enables the creation and modification of CAD objects with full functionality. The full version enables saving/loading projects to the phone, saving images to the media library as wel

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★ NEW FEATURES ★ - Wall associated openings such as windows and doors

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myron · 6/8/2015

So hard to plot

Andrea · 12/3/2014

Not good!! The ratings are not real..

akhil · 9/5/2014

Crashes frequently in windows phone 8.1

Gustavo · 7/24/2014

It is nice, but I cannot change the canvas size. Creating small objects is very difficult. Also, there is no view panning option.

User · 5/13/2014

Absolutely cumbersome at best.

GEORGE · 3/8/2014

Its a good app to use save you time.

Mr · 12/3/2013

This sign is similar to illuminati nd freemason,

Kirsty · 6/7/2015

I love this app, works fabulously, and really thoughtful design and features with sleek abilities. Awesome job!

Bryan · 10/27/2014

I've been looking for an app like this for a while. Just what I needed!!!

Trevin · 8/12/2014

Really want to like it...had some fun with it...but this time I can't get past making one room. I try to build a wall after and then I goes back to the app list and I lose my file