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Hoàng Sinh · 8/18/2015
Good app

Easy, simple and fun

Reviewer 9764 · 6/29/2015
Cool ap. fun to use and addicting However...

There are a lot of times that on Windows 8 and 8.1, the ap would crash or would fail to open at all. I deleted and reinstalled it. Hopefully you fixed that bug. Also it would be awesome if I could import graphics into this ap to make logos. I would pay double for that feature.

Reviewer 9918 · 5/8/2015
Terrible software!

This app would be very good except that it doesn't save! Every time I save a document it just eats it and I can never get it back! Kind of defeats the purpose of making anything! Very unhappy customer!

Reviewer 0043 · 4/2/2015

I used to have Art Text 2 before on my mac. I recently switched to windows and saw this app available. absolutely horrible compared to what you can do for the one on the mac. need to update or do something for more in depth design options like the mac version.

Danielle · 10/1/2014
Basically great but STILL Crashes!

I use Windows 8.1 on my desktop PC, after hours of designing a logo the App crashed and deleted my work :( I was using the Paid version. I had saved multiple times but it corrupted the saved file. Designing features a bit limited, something simple like flip was not an option. I could rotate but not flip my images. I could not change the defaults, like when doing new text I could not change default Font or color. I could not copy and paste my layers. Mostly minor annoyances, but the crashing and losing all my work is a MAJOR issue.

Jim · 9/12/2014

Program just crashes when I hit the Edit button both in the light version and the full trial version. I then bought the full version to see if it would fix it and it continues to just crash. I am using Windows 8.1 Pro.

Shelley · 1/15/2014
Trouble crashing

I love what this app can do except when it crashes. I'm using Windows 8.1. When I try to use "glow" in the "effects" section it crashes. Same with "shader" in the "fill" section. I thought this was just the lite version, but now that I bought it, it still crashes. No problem with crashing on saving. It's pretty frustrating to work on something and have it gone in one keystroke. Can you fix this?

Nick · 11/25/2013
My favorite app. Worth the $10 but needs improved

Simple to make GREAT looking titles. It's worth the $10 (but could be better) The Good: 1. The shader presets... these alone make it worth the purchase (standout feature) 2. Ability to use any custom font I had already installed w/o any import/config 3. Very Simple, Clean, & Straight forward GUI The Bad: 1. The exporting process is awful, presets sizes crop too much or leave white space. no autofit 2. No undo/redo buttons! 3. Cant make >1 template from current work (no resaving w/ diff name)

Shiron · 6/16/2013

this app is good for basic graphic design ...I like it

e. · 5/4/2013
Amazing app....that will make you CRY!

This program has MAJOR bugs! I've created some amazing graphics only to have them completely VANISH I click the Save button. It even corrupts any saved versions. They claim that the issue has been fixed, it hasn't. This program really should be removed from the store until it is fixed properly. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it and it then deleted the few documents that I was able to create...with no warning. I've literally wasted HOURS of my life on this frustratingly beautiful program.



  • 100+ Fully customizable templates
  • 130+ Shading materials
  • 170+ Image textures
  • 110+ Vector icons and shapes
  • 20 Adjustable vector transformations
  • Multiple layer support

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- Solved the problem that caused the app to crash when saving documents with special characters in the name.

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