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Rupert · 7/29/2015
App for the premium subscription

Reviewing the app as anything else seems dishonest. News stories that appear in notifications or live tile don't seem to be in the news section though.

James · 7/27/2015

I dropped the app and switched to 162 game season. It's great. If I was purchasing the mlb subscription yes but I'm not so I switched to the app 162 game season.

Craig · 6/22/2015

There are better apps that offer more for free. The free version of this app is simple, easy to use, but extremely limited unless you upgrade to the paid version. The app is slow to load information, such as team news. Also, notifications appear indicating that there's a new article/news, however, that article doesn't actually appear in the app for quite some time, sometimes hours. I'd use this app more and consider the paid version if they ever issued bug fixes.

Chanel · 6/24/2015

Live audio used to be free. Charging for live mobile streaming is understandable. Charging for audio, when listening to games on the radio is free, is ridiculous. Unless you enjoy blowing your money, the only thing this app is good for is seeing scores.

Jacob · 6/12/2015

I think the app works well, one of the better UI for any Windows phone apps, my biggest complaint is that when you get notifications you tap on it and have you try and search for the info, most often unsuccessfully... Bummed... CBS Sports always has the story not just the half headline in the alert.... Just wanted others to know where they could get the latest news in full... So get an alert.... Check another web page... CLICK ON THEIR ADVERTISERS.... GET IT AT BAT FIX THIS!!!!

stan · 5/26/2015

This app has it all including the killer B's. Blackouts and buffing.

Rob · 6/15/2015

Notifications are neat but when you click to read, the news item takes FOREVER to load.

Argenys · 5/23/2015

Thank you for bringing it back. Makes my subscription worth it again.

Khristian · 5/21/2015

Thank you for bringing this back! I'm a huge baseball fan and I was SO disappointed when you guys got rid of this app. I used "Baseball pro" for awhile, until they got rid of that too, so I was subjected to using when checking scores. Not the same as having an app. Now, this app isn't perfect but it will do. Please do NOT do that again.

Shane · 5/5/2015

I was a little frustrated that we hadn't gotten an update for 2015 since I was only able to read the news and nothing else. But better late than never. Thank you MLB. The season will be much more enjoyable now.