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Sindee · 11/14/2014

Dint like that the tile doesn't update daily. Needs fixing. Otherwise useful.

Cayden · 8/20/2014

Love it!!! I use this for video game due dates and love the personalization of the live tile/app!!!!

User · 1/8/2014

Put it as my lock screen with a perfect picture...counting down til my wedding!!

User · 7/19/2013

I like this app. Really good but there needs to be more live tile options. And different sizes other than 4-2. I wish you could change "deadline" to any other word or leave blank. Also the "last updated" is annoying. And I don't like the lock screen stuff But you can change that so no problem. The thing that annoys me the most is you cannot crop a picture to live tile size. You choose a picture and hope you get lucky on how its placed. Overall really good with some minor problems. Its worth getting

Russ · 5/14/2013

Almost perfect. Needs more metro font and need to remove "deadline: " from date -- clutters up the tile and unnecessary and doesn't even make sense in the context of a countdown. Deadline for vacation? Deadline for Christmas? Hmm.

User · 2/23/2013

Love this app, does exactly what it says, love that you can edit the background on the live tile and also the lock screen.

Fabian · 1/16/2013

This is great. Thanks. Will need some tweaking though. E.g. Please allow to change the timer font to a plain WP font. Alignment is also a little screwed on the medium tile. Flip to date not necessary, instead cld have another countdown...

Anthony · 1/16/2013

Great app, but could you eliminate the tile flip? I think it's unnecessary, one could just open the app for the deadline date.

Erich · 1/16/2013

Pretty good. Would prefer being able to hide the deadline or putting it on front of the tile since a doublewide tile with one line of text on it (when it flips) is really jarring and unappealing.

Jan · 11/6/2012

Cool app. Works on your WP8 lock screen!