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James · 8/26/2015

Love this App it really helps me and my fiancee it keeps us from stressing and it also helps when friends and family ask how much longer until your wedding. I would recommend this App to all my friends and family.

Sindee · 11/14/2014

Dint like that the tile doesn't update daily. Needs fixing. Otherwise useful.

Cayden · 8/20/2014

Love it!!! I use this for video game due dates and love the personalization of the live tile/app!!!!

User · 1/8/2014

Put it as my lock screen with a perfect picture...counting down til my wedding!!

User · 7/19/2013

I like this app. Really good but there needs to be more live tile options. And different sizes other than 4-2. I wish you could change "deadline" to any other word or leave blank. Also the "last updated" is annoying. And I don't like the lock screen stuff But you can change that so no problem. The thing that annoys me the most is you cannot crop a picture to live tile size. You choose a picture and hope you get lucky on how its placed. Overall really good with some minor problems. Its worth getting

Russ · 5/14/2013

Almost perfect. Needs more metro font and need to remove "deadline: " from date -- clutters up the tile and unnecessary and doesn't even make sense in the context of a countdown. Deadline for vacation? Deadline for Christmas? Hmm.

User · 2/23/2013

Love this app, does exactly what it says, love that you can edit the background on the live tile and also the lock screen.

Anthony · 1/16/2013

Great app, but could you eliminate the tile flip? I think it's unnecessary, one could just open the app for the deadline date.

Erich · 1/16/2013

Pretty good. Would prefer being able to hide the deadline or putting it on front of the tile since a doublewide tile with one line of text on it (when it flips) is really jarring and unappealing.

Jan · 11/6/2012

Cool app. Works on your WP8 lock screen!


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