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Maher · 7/23/2015

Good, but the Athan keeps repeating, it should alarm once or it should be an option to keep repeating

Amir · 7/7/2015

Best Athan software, I really love it. A million times thanks from Iran. One thing to say that I wish it had pre athan notifications just like the android software "iPray" has, plus lock screen notification telling the time remaining to the next Salat. جزاكم الله خيرا

Aqilla · 6/23/2015

The app have a good variety of adhans. This doesn't let you single your location by area, for true latitudes and longitudes. Only the automatic prayer time calculation works. It only adjusts to the time of the big city, but not to the the neighborhood I'm in. It is quite a distance from the main part of the larger city.

moustapha Aden · 8/3/2015

Qibla salad

Sahim · 12/29/2014

Needs an update. World Prayer Times is a better app, and is free

Shah · 11/9/2014

Theres no azan in my country, fixed it.😒

Mohamed · 4/20/2014

The app lists only main cities. It fail to give me correct prayer times even if I add coordinates manually.

Ali · 6/16/2015

The app is good. I would have liked a bit of ease in moving between auto detect and checking cities. The colors are good and messages are very clear. Good job.

Jason · 7/19/2015

Really good app, the Adhaan seems to call on a low volume even with the volume settings on high. But still, awesome app.

Abdul Aziz · 5/23/2015

Useful app. Please update for WP8.1 (which now provides custom notification sounds), so that the Azan is a notification instead of an alarm. Being a notification would mean it would stop after the Azan ends, unlike an alarm which just repeats itself until you manually stop it.


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