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Brendan · 7/29/2015
Original windows desktop app is glorious

I just installed this and its a great streaming radio app. However if you have a full fledged windows computer, install the [GREAT] desktop version. Its paid software yes, however you can run it for free with basically 95% functionality and it does a LOT. If your looking for a great all-around media manager or your sick of iTunes now-a days (who isn't) then this app is for you. You can tell the developers put a Lot of effort into this app. It does so much and it does it very well and best of all the interface doesn't overwhelm you. Its logically laid out and has plenty of customization built in. It has a plug-in feature so 3rd party devs can add functionality in the future. It is also updated quite frequently (bug fixes and new features added). I haven't used it with a media device like an mp3 player as I have it installed on a Dell Venue 11 tablet that I carry everywhere. It will be my primary podcast device and internet streaming radio. It also manages some of my massive MP3 lib.

Reviewer 7878 · 7/29/2015
Best radio app EVER

RECOMMENDED for all radio listeners!! MUST DOWNLOAD!!

Keith · 8/31/2014
nothing happens

does not work at all -NO STAR

C · 8/17/2014
Add your own podcast feeds ?

I thought you could add your own rss. Sad.

Harlan · 8/5/2014
Audials Radio

This app will not save music unless you stop recording after each song

Marshall · 1/28/2014
No artist or song display?

The broadcasts and quality are top notch, but you really need to display the artist, song title and album title that is currently playing.

Marguerite · 7/5/2013

losses connection often but when working is a great app

Qu · 6/7/2013
Great Start

This app is really responsive and better than TuneIn. The only problem is that it is missing a lot of stations; I'm sure they will eventually come. I would suggest the developer make a pro version with the ability to record stations. Also, this app should be on Windows Phone too.

Daniel · 3/8/2013
not working

few anonym stations. no mainstream

Walter J. · 3/2/2013
Audial Radio Leaves Much to Be Desired

The display uses extremely small print for links with much to much empty space around it.

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