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New in Version 10.0.14: - Complete redesign of the Audible app for Windows 10 - New and improved player and library management - Introducing the ribbon player with easy-to-access controls - Integrated store and search to more easily browse over 150,000 available titles

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JOEL L. · 7/31/2015
Finally. Now my bookmarks synch! Great update.

Would be five stars if this app had some kind whisper synch function to synch with my phone. and RT tablet. Update: After a couple years and the synch function is still missing. Also, you can only download a book in parts. March 3 2015. Still no update? No synch function. Still can only download in parts and can't save them to SD cards

Reviewer 7760 · 5/25/2015
Spotty and Unreliable at best

So many things they could be doing better: 1. I bought a book weeks ago and it still won't push to my computer. I'm going to return it soon if it doesn't work. 2. Doesn't hold you place and update other devices. So If I am listening on my computer I can't continue it when traveling to a different place. Nook has figured this out, why can't Audible? 3. The 'in app' store is aweful. also, not updated. So basically this app needs support and an update as soon as possible. It is awful in it's current condition. Pretty sure I will be cancelling this subscription soon.

Maurice · 4/24/2015
Does not work!

I love listening to my books while driving, and the wispersync feature so I can pick reading where the Audible left off. This works great on my Windows Phone 8.1. Unfortunately I cannot say the same about the Audible app on my Windows 8.1 systems, as the app does not work at all!! Audible/Amazon, please fix the syncing on the Windows 8.1 app!

Reviewer 4254 · 4/24/2015
It's ok but...

I have few issues with this app. First, it does not play well. It stalls and is jumpy during playback. It takes a long time to get books via the whisper sync for kindle( the android app is instant and this takes a couple of days, if it shows up at all). And I would like to see an option to download the entire book (playback also) instead of just downloading parts.

Reviewer 4032 · 4/18/2015
no speeds ;/

I LOVE audio books but I have to listen at a faster speed otherwise I can't keep my attention. WHERE are the 1.5x 2x, 3x options?

Reviewer 8851 · 4/11/2015
Poor functionality

Functionality on this app is limited and disappointing. Audio controls are very simplistic. It doesn't sync properly with my account. The only way I have found to make new purchases appear is to uninstall the app (deleting all my downloaded files) and then completely reinstall it. I should not have to go through such gyrations simply to download a new purchase to the app. This app is not up to snuff.

Anthony · 5/2/2015
Needs an update

This app needs to be updated. Amazon did a great job updating the Windows Phone version of Audible, so there is hope.

Alvin · 3/16/2015
Library out of sync

I've always been a big fan of Audible. I love listening to books as I drive. The Win 8 version of the software is a little disappointing. I've been trying for weeks to get my latest purchases to show up. On all other devices the books showed up in the Cloud filter immediately. I had to uninstall and reinstall before they would show up. I hope this was a one time hurdle.

Chris · 4/23/2015
Windows 8 Nightmare!

How many times does one need to uninstall/reinstall and lose all your data? Where is your chat support when needed? I've paid for the books and I'd like to be able to listen to them.

Robert · 3/18/2015
Needs Polish

The app doesn't seem to sync bookmarks amongst devices, the kindle app does this beautifully. You can only fast forward from the home screen of the app. Also, the app does not refresh your purchases. You have to right click and choose refresh for this to happen. No trophies. Audio quality is great however.

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