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Kaylee · 8/28/2015
Love books

I like the format of this app its easy and once your finished with your book it gives you more suggestions from that author or books that are similar to the genre you where reading :) love books

David · 8/28/2015
Way better than the old program

This is way better than the old program. The downloads are streamlined and it is easy to maintain my library. The only downside is that sometimes it does not sync my location with my mobile app location. Listen on pc for a bit, turn off pc and start mobile and location is behind, sometimes significantly, where I was on the PC. The app runs very well and has not crashed or behaved oddly at all. Shopping for new books could be better, it is odd to have a window in a window. There is the option to launch the store in another browser and perhaps that is for the best. Other than that so much better than the previous version.

Itai · 8/26/2015
Best experience

Simple and easy, amazing collection

Neil · 8/26/2015
Great App.

This app is great. I love that I can pin my audio books to the start menu to quickly pickup where I left off. The interface is very easy to use and with the built in shop, it's even easy to purchase new books.

John · 8/26/2015
Works perfectly!

I was able to download my books and play with without any issues. I do wish that the app wouldn't automatically play when I lock and then unlock windows, though.

Rick · 8/26/2015

Very handy and useful. I can multi-task within the app. That is I can listen to a book while downloading and viewing the progress. I definitely recommend it ..! :)

Jordan · 8/28/2015
Simple, effective, and down right sexy

The app is absolutely fantastic. Sounds great, runs great, and looks really nice. Way better than the web player that's for certain. 10/10

Ryan · 8/28/2015
Awesome App!!!

My Audiobook experience is soo much better now! I love it. The new touch mode makes it so simple and easy to use.

Simon · 8/23/2015
Way better than the first iteration

The UI is simple and functional, there's support for variable speed playback, and it correctly remembers where you left off. Still some minor issues, like the last read points not syncing up correctly between the phone version and the Win10 one, but definitely usable compared to the previous version.

Evan · 8/24/2015
Clean New UI

The UI for the Audible app is much, much better than the program they previously used to listen to audio books on the desktop. It is a gigantic improvement, and makes listening to audiobooks while sitting on the computer, doing whatever else you need to do, much easier and more enjoyable.


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New in Windows 10.0.24: - Associated PDFs now available directly from the player - Performance improvements and bug fixes - Ability to control playback on hover from the task bar (Desktop Only) New in Windows 10: - Complete redesign of the Audible app for Windows 10 - New and improved player and library management - Introducing the ribbon player with easy-to-access controls - Integrated store and search to more easily browse over 180,000 available titles

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