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New in Windows 10: - Complete redesign of the Audible app for Windows 10 - New and improved player and library management - Introducing the ribbon player with easy-to-access controls - Integrated store and search to more easily browse over 180,000 available titles

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E.L. · 8/2/2015
Love Audible

I really enjoy downloading books. Streaming takes up to much internet with kids playing games online. So I download at night and listen in the day. Thank you Audible.

Jeff · 7/21/2015

Works OK on my WP8.1. This is the best version so far. Keep up the good work and keep the updates coming 😊. I'm still having trouble with smooth playback. The playback will occasionally stumble. I have changed the setting to not allow the phone to sleep while downloading, but the problem continues.

Vladimir · 7/24/2015

The latest version looks and works great. Once in a while audio files are corrupted during download, but re-downloading them or reinstalling the app usually fixes the issue. This is a minor issue comparing with problems in previous versions. Thank you audible team for constantly improving the app!

Brandon · 7/21/2015

A few problems: * Playback speed is hard to set precisely. It would help it were a vertical slider because you have more pixels to work with, so it wouldn't be so sensitive. Since only a few discrete settings are available anyway, an array of buttons is another option * Download seems to stop when the screen turns off

Teresa · 7/20/2015

I really enjoy this app. It's so relaxing to be read to. I can also do other things while listening like playing a game ,or the dishes etc.

Ray · 8/3/2015
Finally! They got it right

I've been an Audible customer for over 7 years. The Android client has been my go-to app for listening as the old Windows app was terrible with no sync support between devices. Well, they got it right with this windows 10 version. Everything syncs between all my devices, I can pick up listening on my Android tablet, my windows tablet, my PC...everything. Nice job guys!

Brian · 7/18/2015

Pretty good app. Options and settings are easy to adjust to your liking. Live tile is a bit lackluster.

Ryan · 7/16/2015

The app does all the basics; you can listen, shop, download, and mark as finished. I wish there were better controls on the phone lock screen. Pause and play is fine, but if I want to jump back 30 seconds I need to unlock my phone. There is no support for household shared libraries. Amazon and Audible need to pay attention to the Windows Phone platform :P

Lee · 7/23/2015

7/22/15 Update: From 1 to 5 stars in 3 months! Now a first rate app! Just make sure to set playback to jump 5 seconds in settings to make it match all other wp apps. 6/20/15 Update: Back to 4 stars. Playback speed, position remembering, and some native control issues fixed. Nice job! Now if only the next/last native buttons would function like normal instead of next / prev chapter.

Cyrus · 7/11/2015

Easy to use. I like being able to set the speed so I can listen to the books quickly.