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Marc · 9/30/2013


keyla · 3/11/2013


Zhuhe · 2/1/2013

QRscan doesn't work on titanii

kogir · 4/18/2012

Generally awesome and supports barcodes, but doesn't allow copy to clipboard :(

Jesse · 10/1/2013

Really works well. I found a trick to get the QR scanning to work properly. I had to move my phone about 18" away from the monitor. Counter-intuitive since I thought closer would be better - I thought the barcode needed to fill the majority of the camera lens. It doesn't. Everything has worked for me now - setup Google, LastPass, Facebook, and Microsoft. The only reason it gets 4 instead of 5 stars is because when I scan the QR code, it usually inserts some additional text at the end of the alphanumeric sequence. It identifies the "issuer" - so it will say "&issuer=Microsoft..." or something else. I have to delete everything from the ampersand on. Other than that, all works perfectly, and that's not a big deal.

Yulian · 4/20/2013

Would be nice to have a way to backup/restore. In the event of something breaking, lost phone, etc. Maybe a SkyDrive or drop ox backup.

Morris · 4/14/2013

It works, and does it in a simple and clean manner.

Matthew · 2/26/2013

The app works but without the ability to name accounts it is frustrating. Since I use the same email at multiple places, they all have the same name. It means that I have to try them all or remember the order. Otherwise it is great.

Jeff · 1/22/2013

Works great for Facebook authentication. Simple and functional UI.

Ben · 1/7/2013

Works great with my google authenticator logins and I couldn't ask for anything more. Nice clean and simple interface too.


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