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Mark · 11/27/2012

Decent app once you get the secret entered... The QR code scanning didn't work at all for me (on AWS and GMail). I ended up using the phone's built-in visual search feature which worked perfectly, and copied the QR text to the clipboard. The QR text for AWS was so long I needed to paste it into another app to trim the initial stuff off so only the secret remained and could be pasted into the authenticator app. Adding an account using the full QR text popped up an error message about an invalid character in the secret code. There's no way to edit the secret after this error, so you need to delete the account and start from scratch. It would be nice if the app let you paste in the full QR text from the visual search, and parsed out the name and secret.

Player149772275 · 2/21/2012

its ok

Alexandre · 5/30/2015

This app is that kind of app I most appreciate: simple, lightweight, functional and the most important: requires permissions only for what is really needed ;)

Anna · 6/1/2014

Works with Wildstar, glad this exists! Wish it had a few more bells and whistles but it gets the job done.

Lloyd · 5/28/2014

App works great, except for the qr code stuff. I just manually enter in the codes by hand and everything works fine. Been working for months now.

Dave · 11/1/2012

Looks good, but I have concerns. Being that this is a security related application, I find it curious that it requires data services access. My understanding of the algorithm(s) employed for such authentication (OTP/SHA1_HMAC) don't require network access. What gives?

blowdart US · 8/28/2012

Works well for dropbox and gmail - barcode scanning can be very iffy, but then that's more about having to take a picture with the camera, as opposed to the bing app's auto select. If only I could rename accounts then I would be gloriously happy!

flyingcarp · 2/16/2012

Great little app to make your websites more secure. Can't find contact info, needs update to ignore any non secret characters

Setanta · 12/3/2011

Not bad. Barcode scanner isn't very reliable, as it wouldn't accept a Lastpass QR code no matter what I tried. Program then got stuck in a loop when I fat fingered the manual code entry with a base 32 error, which required a full uninstall and re-install. Aside from dealing with those issues, the only thing I see missing is a countdown meter for the code expiration like the Google version. Good first pass.

Tony · 2/25/2015

Works great for me! Glad this is here!