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Steven · 9/1/2015

I would like to contact you. I cannot find support info on your page. This is extremely outdated... It's completely missing the functionality of more or less any version for other platforms. More than just what's advertised is missing, as it is missing everything except the very basics. We cant even select parts of an image, or stretch layers. I paid for this. I expect it to be worth the money. It is not. Update, now. I am extremely upset with the experience I've had thus far. I thought Autodesk meant quality, not neglected software. This should be free for what it is.

Reviewer 6352 · 8/30/2015
Size and Wand

With this version, there's no magic wand, plus you have no way to change the size of the drawing surface. Other than those 2 exceptions, the application is excellent. Responsiveness, and ease of tool usage makes rendering easy to accomplish! The only other feature I'd like to see, being used to PhotoShop, is the burn/dodge tool

Mark · 8/22/2015
I love Auto desk

Very useful tools in this app. The best feature of this app is the intuitive nature of all the tools offered. For me it is easy to use and loaded. It is lacking in what is offered by the Autodesk Pro app on Android' but it works for me, for now. I wish I could afford to get all the features offered by this software. I purchased Autodesk Pro for Android tablet would do the same here. I am thankful I can use my account with them I set up with the android here for second tier access. This would be a far better rating from me if indeed I could purchase the app they offer on Android for here.

Alpinia · 8/19/2015
Worst form of crippleware.

This app hides any serious tools behind a paywall. It hides basic tools behind a signup wall that will require you to sign in periodically. It offers a few nonresizable tools for free. Suitable for umm. Not much. I have the signup version and do find it to be a very capable and stable drawing platform. I draw cartoons. However I have no floodfill or advanced select since I DO NOT NOW NOR EVER, EVAAAR PLAY THE PAY MONTHLY FOR SOFTWARE GAME. I have enough monthly payments in my life. Do you hear me Autodesk? I WILL NOT SUBSCRIBE TO SOFTWARE. YOU TOO, MICROSOFT! I will happily buy the bloody thing, I'm not asking for it to be free, but I AM TIRED OF GREEDY COMPANIES TRYING TO GOUGE ME EVERY TIME A TURN AROUND.

Courtney · 8/13/2015

I absolutely love this program! It is so easy to use and does everything you need. I love being able to use layers! I would definitely recommend this to both experienced and beginner artists.

Logain · 8/6/2015
It's okay but...

The good news is this version of the app works great with the pen on a i7 Surface Pro 3. Sketchbook Pro 7 does not, so for basic projects this version of the app is a great alternative until Autodesk releases a fix for the current pen calibration problems of Pro 7. Unfortunately, this version of Sketchbook pales in comparison to the Android version which I also own. Even before paying for the app's full toolset, logging into your account on the Android version gives more tools than this version does. The Android version is also a one time payment for full access ($4.99 if memory serves) whereas this version is a subscription based model. $24.99 a year isn't a lot of money considering how much Adobe is charging for CC access, but the reality is a user can enjoy the full awesomeness of mobile Sketchbook on an alternative platform at a cheaper point of entry. 3* because the app works great even though hamstrung but I'd rather pay the $60 for Sketchbook Pro 7 and get the best version.

Blake · 8/6/2015
Could be so much better

Currently the best drawing app on Microsoft Surface, but if you have used the Android version you know this version is missing some important touch features such as the brush and color modification pucks and guides. These are missing from the paid version and should be added to make this complete. The 'Save' option is also dangerous as it defaults to the name of the last file you were working on--even if you start a new file. I have lost work by doing a quick save and wiping out an older file.

Michael · 8/11/2015
I pay for the full version. Give it to me

I have several machines that I like to use in different situations. All with pen support. My asus tablet will not render the drawing page correctly, lines all over the place. Probably a graphics card issue. But the store version renders fine, it does not have any of the advanced features that it should though. Please add these to the release.

Reviewer 2454 · 8/25/2015
Its okay

I find it useful for the way I draw. But it could be a lot better.

Kristal · 8/4/2015
Not as good as Android, better than iOS

I have this application on all three major tablet OS. For some reason they all behave differently. I don't mind this one at all, but the Android one has the most features of the free options. This is by far the best drawing application for tablet, at least on Android and iOS. I haven't tried others on my Yoga, but I plan to just make sure. If I ever purchase a drawing application, it will certainly be from Autodesk.



  • Designed specifically for both pen and touch input on Windows tablets
  • The entire screen is your canvas with a full screen workspace and unobtrusive user interface
  • Open and Save layered PSD and TIFF files for easy interoperability with other applications, including SketchBook for desktop
  • Control the finest details of your art with up to a 2500% zoom
  • Choose from over 10 preset brushes, including pencils, pens, and markers that deliver a natural drawing experience
  • Synthetic pressure-sensitivity
  • Sign in with a free SketchBook account and unlock the Layer Editor, Symmetry Tools, and more
  • Advanced Tools with a Pro membership
  • Pro membership: Choose from a comprehensive brush library with pencils, pens, markers, and brushes, including new Synthetic and Smudge brushes
  • Pro membership: Full layer controls, including rich layer blending modes; makes image manipulation easier than ever
  • Pro membership: Other workflow improvements, including new ruler guides, flood fill, and much more
  • Pro membership also unlocks complete access to SketchBook on Windows desktop, Mac, Android, and iOS, including all upgrades as long as your membership is active

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Improvements - News Banner - Color Editor: Copic Color - Transform: Nudge Puck - Flood Fill: Tolerance, Sample All Layers - Gradient Fills - Pen Mode - Autosave for app crash - Bug fixes

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