• Designed specifically for both pen and touch input on Windows tablets
  • The entire screen is your canvas with a full screen workspace and unobtrusive user interface
  • Open and Save layered PSD and TIFF files for easy interoperability with other applications, including SketchBook for desktop
  • Control the finest details of your art with up to a 2500% zoom
  • Choose from over 10 preset brushes, including pencils, pens, and markers that deliver a natural drawing experience
  • Synthetic pressure-sensitivity
  • Sign in with a free SketchBook account and unlock the Layer Editor, Symmetry Tools, and more
  • Advanced Tools with a Pro membership
  • Pro membership: Choose from a comprehensive brush library with pencils, pens, markers, and brushes, including new Synthetic and Smudge brushes
  • Pro membership: Full layer controls, including rich layer blending modes; makes image manipulation easier than ever
  • Pro membership: Other workflow improvements, including new ruler guides, flood fill, and much more
  • Pro membership also unlocks complete access to SketchBook on Windows desktop, Mac, Android, and iOS, including all upgrades as long as your membership is active

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Improvements - News Banner - Color Editor: Copic Color - Transform: Nudge Puck - Flood Fill: Tolerance, Sample All Layers - Gradient Fills - Pen Mode - Autosave for app crash - Bug fixes

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Duane · 8/1/2015
Crashes Windows 10

Doesn't crash the app, crashes Windows to the effect of a reboot, simply by drawing with the pencil. Expect an update - it's Autodesk, good track record - but for now, wait for a version that's dated after July 2015. I say this because I want to use it again, and right now, I can't rely on it.

SJ · 7/31/2015
Excellent, soon to be...

With the dedication to quality and customer Autodesk has, Sketchbook will become THE 1st, best, and perhaps only application for sketching. It made me fall in love with drawing again. It can also me used as a very 'fancy' notebook, (with some imagination as to what, where, and how to save.) Thanks Autodesk.

Atif · 7/1/2015
Should have been part of the OS

I think every Surface user who likes to sketch and has a pen, needs to install this. Tip 1: If you have a pen, go to preferences and switch to Pen only. This will ensure you don't make lines and dots by touching your hands. It will start taking pen input only. Tip 2: Register (Free) for additional tools and options, including layers. They are not gone, but they only appear when you register. Once again, a must have. An on-the-go alternative to actual sketchbook. You are only limited by your own imagination.

Colleen · 6/28/2015
Autodesk SketchBook for Windows Tablet

I love this app. The airbrush is awesome. Also you can pick your own pencil, pen , paint brushes, colors, lots of great tools to sketch paint and more. I really love all of the features. I give Autodesk SketchBook a five star rating!

YU · 7/29/2015

enough for daily paint. But it can't open several files at one time...

Reviewer 5312 · 7/18/2015

Wish it had some of the pens from the mobile version, but its great non the less.

Reviewer 0996 · 5/31/2015
The Flaws Outweigh the Pros

I want to love this app. It's almost perfect. It's a great drawing program, super responsive and fluid... but crippled behind a pay wall ($25 a year to unlock basic features) and is outright the most basic features possible. There is no way to change resolution meaning all your doodles and sketches will be low DPI and low quality. There's no lasso or move tool, too, meaning if you need to move something on a sketch you'd better be prepared to redraw it completely. Other than that, sketching is a dream... but it's a dream with some rather odd limits. Good for basic sketches, not for artists looking for a solution.

Reviewer 0595 · 7/22/2015
It used to be good

When I originally downloaded this app, I loved it. But with this new update, I can't change brush sizes and transparency, can't make new layers, can't have a transparent background, or even easily change the background color. Autodesk took away everything good about this app and basically turned it into a watered down version of the drawing app that came with windows 8, Freshpaint. In summary, it sucks.

Reviewer 4052 · 5/27/2015
Awesome free drawing app

It really feels good using the surface pro and stylus. Definitely feels like it was made for the environment. So easy to get up and going. Very small learning curve.

Reviewer 3618 · 5/30/2015
Sux after update

The app updated and now it misses the most basics features like brush size and opacity. Uninstalling it.

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