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========Change Log======== [For complete change log, visit -] ---------------------------------------- -----Ver 1.5.8682 (2014-05-05)------ -German Translation redone -Turkish localization introduced (Now in English, French, German, Dutch, Chinese, Russian, and Turkish) -Minor Bug Fixes -My Trainer list updated : Murat Gür for Turkish -My Trainer list updated : Mark Tepper for German ======================= -----Ver 1.4.8675 (2014-04-01)------ -Feedback request time increased -Performance improvement on Home Hub -UI Changes in History List -Bug fixes ======================= -----Ver 1.3.8642.0 (2013-11-23)---- -Quick stopwatch with counter -Contact button removed from profile -Localization credit screen -Localization contact mail links -Month Item layout updated -Text contrast changed in ProKeeper reports -Bug Fixes ======================= -----Ver 1.2.8544.0 (2013-10-27)---- -3 new time styles -Project report image design update -Now supports 6 languages – en, fr, de, nl, ch, ru -Peek view re-designed -Quick stopwatch digital area redesigned -Large tile for 7.8 and 8.0 -Bug Fixes ======================= -----Ver 1.1.8268.0 (2013-09-04)---- -Bug Fixes -Imagery change for more contemporary design -Comprehensive title - Avirall Time Suite -Help button on Quick Stopwatch -Tool names changed -New timekeeper's default name will be "New [hh:mm:ss] ======================= -----Ver 1.0.8112.0 (2013-08-08)---- -[Public Release] ======================= -----Ver 0.0.6325.0 (2013-06-22)---- -[Beta Release]

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Cynthia · 7/11/2015

Quick and easy to use love it.

LaFamilia · 5/31/2015

Awesome stopwatch app loaded with task and project timers. Very useful for my kids activities and for projects at work to keep time log on my projects.

hamed · 5/11/2015

In the name of GOD the merciful. Perfect. very nice. Say hello to the team builder program،your program is very good and beautiful design،I use it every day and it's enjoyable،if it is possible for a manufacturer team to update the program and adds new features to DNS. Thank you and cheers. I'm hamed and from IRAN. به نام یگانه جهان بین هستی. سلام و خسته نباشید به تیم فوقالعاده برنامه،بسیار خوشحال هستم که از این برنامه استفاده می کنم و از اون لذت می برم،منتظر بروزرسانی های پیشرفته ی شما هستیم. با سپاس فراوان دوست دار شما حامد

David · 5/10/2015

Simply beautiful stop watch with some pleasant additional features I didn't expect to use, but proved quite handy.

T · 5/14/2015

Its pretty good, but a little difficult to understand.

Kuze · 5/10/2015

"break" and "time out" buttons don't work for me, limits the functionality considerably : / will give 5 stars and update review when bugs are fixed.

Larry · 1/21/2015

Haven't used it yet. It may be great. I'd like to try it First.

Cory · 1/17/2015

Delivers its description

Al · 11/29/2014

This thing is the poorest excuse I think I have ever seen. Once the phone goes on standby, the timer will not ring in count down mode. Do not waste your money. ZERO STAR

Troy · 10/27/2014

Too gimmicky and not stable on 8.1