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Reviewer 4634 · 6/29/2015
Surprisingly powerful and keeps getting better!

I've been using Back to the Drawing Board since about November, and I'm continually blown away by what you get for the price with this app. When I first started using it, there were certainly issues with missing features and regular crashes. However, with each update it gets better and better. I've been using v.3 since the update was pushed out in the past couple weeks and am loving the new features and tweaked interface- and have so far experiences zero crashes. An essential app for my work and hobbies!

Brian · 12/24/2013

Never knew a CAD program could be this easy to learn and this much fun to use.

Roger · 5/23/2013
Best APP I Have Ever Bought

APP is very easy to learn and operates better than expected Would highly recommend if you like to design things I used it to design the Wife's Sunroom

Jay · 5/9/2013
The most impressive Windows 8/RT app

This is literally THE most impressive app that I have seen in the Windows Marketplace. I am amazed at how thorough this app is. There are some little annoyances; it is cumbersome to choose the tools I use most often as they are not in the "Control Panel" and it requires a lot of swiping or clicking -- it would be nice to have more keyboard support for tool selection. Prior reliability/crashes issue has been resolved and the app is now quite solid.

Sean · 3/28/2013
Finely a great drawing tool for Windows 8

This may be the best app in the market easy to use but extremely easy to use well thought out controls

Jim · 1/17/2013
Wow! I am impressed

An impressive 2D drawing tool. Very nice tool set for basic drawings, like floorplans, schematics, etc. No need for me to figure out how to get an old version of AutoCAD LT on my new Win 8 machine. Using touch with this app would be a little challenging (what CAD app wouldn't), but simply having the ability to view drawings, make minor annotations/changes, and then print from my Surface RT, is good enough for me. And nothing a keyboard/mouse can't fix.

Steven · 1/2/2013
2D CAD with Impressive Capabilities

Just starting to use this app but have a background in CAD. I've been wanting a "simple" drawing application for informal use and Drawing Board is what I've been looking for. Although it is not (yet?) 3D, it has enough capability to do probably 90%+ of the odd jobs I need to do; the primitive-based architecture is consistent with the solids-based approach that most modern CAD programs have adopted. Drawing Board's implementation seems a bit labor-intensive, but it is not overly-so.

Darrell · 10/30/2014
Nice Cad Program

I hate to give 1 star to such a nice program. I have a feature request that would easily make this a five star app. I would rate it 4.5 stars now. Only gave 1 star because website offers no way to contact author. Hopefully they will see this.

Reviewer 6846 · 7/8/2014
Multi-touch crash

App crashes every time a multi-touch zoom was attempted on my tablet.

Reviewer 5261 · 6/15/2015
Love the improvements

can't seem to make it copy yet, when I do click copy nothing happens and I see no paste, normally another copy popped next to the unit and that is not happening for some reason, still figuring it out but really like the improvements,



  • Insert and edit JPEG, PNG and PDF bitmap images
  • Import SVG and DXF drawings, export to PDF, DXF, SVG, PNG and JPEG
  • Rich drawing primitives include lines, circles, arcs, ellipses, rectangles, irregular polygons and b-splines.
  • Automatic linear and angular dimensioning.
  • High-quality text rendering using OpenType font technology
  • Assign attributes including layers, colors, line weights, line types, fills and fonts.
  • Create groups and symbols, include in symbol libraries, insert in linear or radial arrays.
  • Use grids and rulers to simplify dimensional drawing.
  • Work in English or metric units, "engineer's" or "architect's" scale.
  • Enter points using your mouse, stylus or touch.
  • Enter exact values using absolute, delta or polar coordinates.
  • Snap to grids, objects, normals and tangents.
  • Measure precise distances, angles, and area.
  • Easily move, copy, delete, transform and group objects.
  • Powerful line and arc editing features.
  • View your drawing full-screen for an immersive experience, or pin the control panel for instant access to important functions.

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New in this release: Insert and edit JPEG, PNG and PDF bitmap images Export PDF files Import SVG files Offset/Offset copy Extend/Trim Snap to intersection points Freehand drawing Import DXF drawings, export to DXF, SVG, PNG and JPEG Insert symbols and copy objects in linear and radial arrays Draw complex line types Create drawing templates Insert symbols in lines and double lines See http://drawingboardapp.com/features/release for the full list.

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