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Keith · 11/20/2014

Zero support and zero updates. Not worth it.

Adam · 8/29/2014

I love the app. all of my subscriptions just deleted though

Alan · 7/29/2014

Been crashing an awful lot lately.

Mark · 7/5/2014

So, let me get this straight, you make a separate app for people to PAY to beta test for you, and then never actually update it, instead letting the official version's features eclipse the beta? Poor form, quinbd, seriously low.

Michael · 5/14/2014

Long replies still push the controls off the screen for submitting. This should have been fixed months ago. Look to Readit for a reddit experience that actually functions.

Donna Faye · 4/28/2014

Paid for it and all it does is not work. Most beta versions are free. Going back to the original version.

Tom · 2/6/2015

I like the app, but the programming is jacked up. The imgur links have the tail cut off and often result in dead links...that work fine if saved and accessed on desktop. Fix it. It's been minths

Stephen · 1/16/2015

Awesome. A daily companion.

Adam · 1/4/2015

Crashes multiple times a day, doesn't support SSL, imgur album previews are broken often, NSFW text filter is sub-par. But it can read Reddit, so it has that going for it.

Ryan · 1/3/2015

Used to be on par with Readit but seems like Baconit has been left behind in terms of features, layout, and usability. Glad I paid to get early access and have received no updates in nearly 9 months. Seems just about right for Windows Phone....


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Fixes issues with the looming https change, fixes the imgur gif loading bug, and adds support for /r/reddit and /u/user linking!