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Fixes issues with the looming https change, fixes the imgur gif loading bug, and adds support for /r/reddit and /u/user linking!

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danielle · 7/30/2015

Best reddit app ever!! You need to download this. It's so easy and convenient!

phil · 7/30/2015

Great easy flowing AP. I use it daily

Quinn · 7/16/2015
Best Reddit App Ever!

Best reddit app for Windows Phone hands down. Fast, smooth, beautiful metro interface. Amazing live tiles, what more could you ask for? :D

Zachary · 7/30/2015
Got me into Reddit

User friendly interface. I've used it for over a year with only a few crashes here and there, but it's fast start up makes up for it.

Stirling-Drei · 7/6/2015

This app has too many problems that make it unreliable on my Lumia 521. It often crashes for no discernable reason, some media pages (and any loaded after) will flicker constantly, and common websites linked on Reddit load an error page while other links to the same work - and these same links work on desktop. It often forgets the personal subreddit list, and has a mostly defunct search function for subreddits. It has no easy way to access the sidebar, and ultimately, it is easier for me to use Reddit through IE on my phone.

Brandon · 7/3/2015

In a world with few apps, this one strives for excellence...although it crashes/has problems loading media sometimes this is a feature rich way to use reddit. Just came over from using reddit is fun on android and although it may be more stable I find this app much more enjoyable to use...keep up the good work!

Lorenzo · 7/14/2015

Okay but no major updates in a while and issues when reading websites sometimes, plus can't at all load the GIF html movies that are faster loading. It's html, so I don't know why it can't play it without glitches. I gave feedback to about the start page. I'd rather just go straight into asubreddut but you can't, it just shows you headlines and clicking on the headline doesn't take you into the story, it just takes you to the subreddit. What's the point then? Also, it's reddit, so if someone wants to disable the recent tiles then they should also be able to delete that pivot because otherwise they are just black tiles saying recent visits are disabled, making the pivot pointless.

Braden · 7/6/2015

Beautiful reddit browser, but the amount of battery and data this takes up is astounding. Great for when connected to wifi and plug.

Alex · 7/12/2015

User-friendly interface, all features work well, and performs excellently. I had this app for my Lumia 820 (1gb ram) and it worked perfectly. It does crash sometimes on my Lumia 635 (512gb ram), but overall my favorite Reddit reader for Windows Phone.

Jessie · 7/10/2015

Great UI experience, not quite as full featured as some of the Android apps, but overall a great reddit mobile experience.