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- BUG FIXES - Plug and Play support for Bamboo Pad Tablet has been included

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Zimeng · 7/30/2015
Crashes in Win 10 when writing

Crashes in Win 10 when writing

Reviewer 1646 · 4/5/2015

Keeps deleting my work while after I reopen the window after it crashing.

Margi · 2/3/2015

While this may be a nice looking app, I'm not too impressed with its drawing and color options. I can't do very much with what's given.

Derek · 9/29/2014
Good app

Use it for drawing graphs for example fairly easy to use would like s solid black background choice and bright color choices

ashely · 5/28/2014
Has some bugs

I don't like how ever time I just start to make something nice it shuts off or that to work on a saved file I have to paste it in and it moves and screw up my work. Otherwise it would be a really nice app.

Jeff · 6/12/2015
Simple yet elegant

Finger or stylus. One quirk - if you choose a ruled paper background, and then rotate your screen to portrait, the toolbars rotate correctly, but the paper does not.

Jim · 7/17/2015
Good basic whiteboard app

This app is a nice quick opening whiteboard app. It has limited functionality, but when I need more I use the companion app, Bamboo Paper.

Richard · 4/2/2015
Great for quick presentations

I am a scientist and have always had a chalkboard or white board in my office. Now I have one on my laptop. Great for impromptu discussions with colleagues and also for working through equations and the like.

Todd · 1/19/2015
Keeps Crashing

This app writes really well, HOWEVER, after writing a few lines, it closes and all that I wrote is lost. This has happened multiple times and I don't want to have to keep saving after every word.

Joshua · 8/24/2014
Good App

Stable, accurate, would more tools and features.

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