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PREMIUM NOTEBOOKS Choose from high quality papers and covers PRO PACK Get all additional tools and notebook styles for a special price SURFACE PRO OPTIMIZATION Improved compatibility with the Surface Pro 3 stylus TRY BEFORE YOU BUY Try all additional tools for free for the first 48 hours PDF EXPORT Export notebooks and pages as PDF

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Reviewer 9392 · 7/21/2015
It's so beautiful!

I love the design and ease you can write with this app. It's perfect to use when i'm ytaking quick notes in class

Reviewer 4870 · 7/24/2015
Great for Drawing, but needs sync

I've tried a lot of other paid apps for sketching but prefer this one because of its simplicity. The biggest problem is that there's no way to easily synchronize your notebooks across devices and that prevents me from using it more.

Reviewer 5761 · 7/10/2015
Really Great

Found it enjoyable. Sad you have to but the extras but well worth the money if you really need them. Works wonderful.

david · 7/16/2015
Great app!

There's not a wide range of art/note taking apps in the store, but this is by far one of the best. Great looking and intuitive app.

Magpul · 7/6/2015
Good but needs more tools

I wanted to really get a great drawing program to try out the pen. Bamboo Paper is pretty good but the tools aren't that useful and the booklet model is confusing. This programs needs more brushes, more intuitive tools and a better way of managing your creations outside of the book model which no one else uses. Overall, it's good but I prefer the Sketchbook from Autodesk which is more straight forward. Don't get me wrong, this is fun, it's just harder to learn.

beka · 7/22/2015
so great

Seriously just what have been looking for. Some things to make it perfect: Make premium paper options easier to find, give options for notebook dimensions, and a preview mode for viewing pdf version. Teaming up with Moleskine or a printing company to make a printed copy readily available would be the ultimate feature!

Reviewer 7459 · 7/7/2015
Very Good

Very easy to make books and take notes.

Reviewer 9872 · 7/6/2015
no info balloons, cryptic controls, not intuitive

It would be helpful to have information balloons to pop up when pointing at a tool.... like this survey does when the pointer hovers over the title or review section. I'm not a fan of the "stuck in windows 8" mode of the app. The add-on paintbrush is nice but... it shouldn't be an in-app-purchase add-on, it should be free. Two stars for being almost functional in that it will capture from a webcam and import images from file, but I haven't figured out how to control layering, or if it is controllable.... to make another page? The title is "Notes" not "Note" Where is the documentation?

Reviewer 1264 · 7/1/2015
Extremely easy to use, enhancing productivity

The app is clean and easy to use. Highly recommended!

Reviewer 3076 · 6/27/2015
Love it!

it is an awesome app! I love it. very practical, fun, and enjoyable.

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