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Reviewer 9482 · 8/25/2015
So helpful

Bamboo Paper is delightful to use. It makes writing and drawing feel natural and easy on a touchscreen. It's a little obnoxious to have to export each individual page as an image if you want to use it in any other application, but this is my go-to app for brainstorming, sketching, and concept mapping.

Scott Aaron · 8/18/2015
Bamboo Paper & the Zen of Tablet Stylus Writing

Undistracted. Clean. Simple. Allows me to focus on letters, words, and the language. But an artist friend of mine said those same principals makes Bamboo perfect for illustration as well. The free version of the app gives you the full Bamboo Paper experience. But splurging on some of the bells and whistles was added satisfaction. It's light on compatibility options, but PDF download is available. Overall an app to explore artistry, not so much for productivity. My favorite writing app for a tablet so far.

Ben · 8/19/2015
Nice for my Stylus

The colors and thicknesses make it easy and somewhat fun to use.

Matthew · 8/24/2015
love this

I have used this app for 2 semesters now and I love it. It works so well. The only thing that I would ask the developers to add is a way to copy the written text to a word doc. Other than that it works very well. A+

Shouin · 8/12/2015
Nice interface. Great response. Lacking essentials

This app is too good looking to be so plain. It feels really good to use, but lacks some essential features. No cut and paste. You can copy pages, but you can't copy items on a page. If you are drawing an item you want repeated, you'll have to redraw it multiple times. Wasteful. No precision drawing tools. If you want to draw a perfect circle, other shape, or straight line... how steady is your hand? Also, wish it had a bookmark/index system for large notebooks. Notebooks can have many pages. If you jot a note in a corner of a random page, you'd better remember the page number or you'll be searching for a while. You can't use your own images as notebook covers. Of course, the app offers a limited number of cover and page packs for sale. Bad product choice. It's ok to sell the page packs. But you're not given the choice of using any personal image/photo as a cover. In the end, it works as a notebook. But, not much better than a real paper one.

Stephanie · 8/13/2015
Amazing- the best notebook app available

This is the only app I've used since downloading. There's no delay when writing, and it's simple to change colors or tools. I'm also left handed and haven't had a single problem while writing or drawing.

Aaron · 8/8/2015
Excellent annotation app

Perfect for taking notes in class or meetings. Only problem is the lack of a selection / copy-and-paste tool, but otherwise is easy to use and fun to work with.

Reviewer 7944 · 8/23/2015

It is great if you use your tablet or computer a lot so you can keep a list or write one while your on our computer. I love the customization of the paper or the simple cover of the notebook I love that you can change the color of the pen or the type. Overall I love this app and I think it is awesome!

Joelle · 8/6/2015
Great drawing and note taking app

I learned about this app after buying a bamboo pen and it has increased the functionality of my surface RT. I recently bought the surface 3 and tried to use the drawing app that came on the device but it does not compare to bamboo paper. Its easy and user-friendly. I'm a student who like to take notes digitally and sometimes I need to draw pictures during lecture and I always use bamboo paper because its simple. LOVE THIS APP.

Reviewer 6301 · 8/23/2015
Great note taking

Even without the additional options that are available for purchase, this app is very handy for taking notes or jotting down ideas using a stylus


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PREMIUM NOTEBOOKS Choose from high quality papers and covers PRO PACK Get all additional tools and notebook styles for a special price SURFACE PRO OPTIMIZATION Improved compatibility with the Surface Pro 3 stylus TRY BEFORE YOU BUY Try all additional tools for free for the first 48 hours PDF EXPORT Export notebooks and pages as PDF

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