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Marian · 3/11/2015

I cannot believe you would actually discontinue the support of this app. Why on earth would you do that?? I used it all the time, it was perfect. After we used & loved this app....well, that was just a hateful thing to do!!

Vladimir · 3/6/2015

Bank of America decided that people can just go to the browser and use their site. They're stopping supporting this app and the mobile one. Horrible decision.

Jason · 3/4/2015
SO very Sad

It is indeed foolish BofA to end support for this app. This is one of the best banking apps out there. I just cannot believe you would do this. I have been a loyal customer for over 20 years, but you now have me rethinking that. I would switch banks over this. It shows a lack of leadership and vision. I could understand holding off major updates till Windows 10, but just giving up on it altogether? You are really hurting that badly that you need to end support for this? I just do not understand. At the very least please let us know why. A banking business is more than mere numbers, it understands investment in its customers, clearly you do not.

Brian · 2/25/2015
Please reconsider dropping support for this app

Please reconsider dropping support for this app, BOFA. The features offered in the app are far more convenient than online banking.

Wayne · 2/23/2015
online site

your online app is outstanding. I hope you are not closing it down. it is extremely user friendly which is not the norm these days. I truly hope you will keep this app for windows 8.1

Tony · 2/22/2015
Call them to voice you displeasure 1-800-933-6262

Call Bank of America at 1-800-933-6262 to tell them you need this app to be supported. I've used BofA for over 10 years. I've always loved the bill pay service and the portfolio tracking. 5 years ago I moved to a state with no branches, so the account was idle UNTIL this app. Once I had this app, I was able to make deposits again and was happily using my account despite having no local bank branch. Now I won't be able to make deposits on my phone or my tablet!!!?? I'm sorry, but BofA should have given a year of advance notice before withdrawing such a needed service. I will be going to Wells Fargo now where they have committed to supporting their customers. Oh and BofA says to use the web app, but that doesn't help with check deposits -- the web page cannot do that. Furious.

Curt · 2/19/2015
Ending support?

I use this constantly on my tablets and Windows Phone, where it's been actually very good. Now they're ending support, great. Maybe time to find another bank. You mean all those BILLIONS in profit and you can't afford to keep this app going?

Debbie · 2/16/2015
No longer support this app

Why not support this app. It's not even March and it's no longer supported and it was so much easier to quickly go in pay bills etc. instead of going to the website and logging in.

Bernd · 2/9/2015

That's excellent Customer Service. Bofa drops us, now it's time to drop Bofa!!!

Mark · 2/3/2015
Discontinuing this app? I'll have to switch banks.

The main benefit of this app is the ability to do mobile deposits using the device's camera. You're referring us to the web but mobile deposits can't be done on the web. I've come to rely on this feature and now must change banks after having some of my accounts for over 30 years.



  • Mobile Check Deposit
  • Email & Mobile Transfers
  • BankAmeriDeals™
  • Receive alerts within the app and live tile updates
  • Check balance, pay bills, transfer money, locate ATMs/banking center

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IMPORTANT: In early March 2015, we’ll stop support of this app for this device. We’re sorry for the inconvenience. You can still access mobile banking with us through your browser. Just go to www.bankofamerica.com.

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