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Vince · 8/14/2015
Handy and fast but

The advertisements cover the lower screen controls/buttons.

弓尔 · 2/1/2015
It only works once

The reading speed is very slow. After reading first QR code, it refused to read any more.

Tony · 8/15/2014
Easy and clear

Very concise and easy to use

EB · 7/25/2014
Finally! The solution to my problem!

The camera on my laptop inverts all images horizontally. I installed 10 different qr code readers trying to find one that could scan it when horizontally flipped. Finally ran across this one, and it does it!

Matt · 1/29/2014
Fast and accurate

Went through at least half of the barcode/qr code readers in this app store and this was the fastest scanning and easiest to use app out there. Yellow dots placed over the camera feed provide great feedback on how to reposition your code. Don't know why there are so many negative reviews, this app gets the job done well.

Keith · 2/22/2013
QR Reader only

It can't read standard bar codes at all, it only seems to read QR codes. And the picture zooms in and out constantly when trying to scan which is really annoying.

Reviewer 2143 · 7/4/2014
failed to even start

tested camera multiple times error message "There's a problem with the camera" never ended . . . gone!

Joshua · 5/13/2014
Won't focus camera

Camera keeps zooming in and out. Won't focus on the QR code. Extremely frustrating. Dell Venue 11 Pro

Steve · 5/29/2014
Worthless Unless You Have USB Microscope!

Like everyone else says, it can't focus the camera so it won't work with a webcam. Does work with a USB microscope though. Why can't someone write a good barcode app like they have for Android?

Kris · 9/7/2014
Cannot use because of ads

Had a hard time getting it to read and could not tap the focus button because the ADS COVERED OVER ALL THE BUTTONS!



  • Decode barcodes from multiple formats
  • Save the picture and the results in the history
  • Share the textual information and picture with other applications
  • Can receive from other apps the image to decode (share target)

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Version notes

Release 2: Some camera drivers crash, causing the application to close. We are sorry for that but unfortunately we can't fix drivers' faults. - Using new video streaming APIs - Detection points over the preview - Force re-focus button - A sound is played when a new barcode is found - Barcodes already detected are highlighted - Decoded text can be shared or copied to the clipboard - Touch enabled application title - The app remembers the selected camera - History can now be sorted - Bug fixing, of course Please contact us if you find any issue on specific devices. Thanks

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