• Supported input format: Apple Lossless, AIFF, FLAC, OGG, WAV, MP3, M4A, WMA.
  • Supported output format: AAC enocded M4A, WMA, MP3, WAV.
  • Adjustable encoding settings.
  • Batch mode for large music collection.
  • ID3 tag support.
  • Multi-core processor support.
  • Start Convert that only converts files that are not playable on Windows (This can be switched off from Advanced Settings).

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Version Notes

* Optimized for Windows 8.1. * Fixed the issue of converting certain types of WMA files to MP3.

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Reviewer 3954 · 7/4/2015
Eh. Works for what I want.

Does what I want, but some information (like album and artist) does not copy over. It only copies that information when computer runs out of mem. 3/5 would occasionally use again.

Christopher · 2/6/2015

The app is fast and easy to use but freezes after four songs (though they are converted). I have to restart the app and reselect the folder to do another four. Then it freezes. Then repeat. It's quick enough but really annoying. Fix the freezing and you've got a gold app here.

Jeremiah · 10/8/2014
Promising, but ultimately disappointing

Other reviews suggested it might be worth trying, so I did. My collection is bigger than the 100 song limit on the free version, so I paid the 9.99 for the full install. Unfortunately the program hangs after a half hour or so. While it is running my computer throws a low memory warning, which I believe is symptomatic of a memory leak issue in this code. YMMV, but I cannot recommend this app.

Aaron · 7/24/2014
Does the trick, but the UI is a bit weird

It batch converts my music. What more could I ask? For some reason, the app doesn't allow me to export the converted files to the source directory. I also can't export to a subdirectory of the source directory, nor can I export to its parent. The directory checking is way too overzealous - can you tone it down a bit? That alone would really work wonders in user experience.

Walter · 3/26/2014

Did what it said it would.. easy and fast!

Steven · 12/18/2013
Quick, Wow!

I've tried many on-line converters that took way too much time converting only a couple of short songs. This app is so fast that by the time I found more music to convert it was already finished with the first batch of 12 that I started with. Great app.

Austin · 9/1/2013
Must be good luck?

I needed an app to convert FLAC music so I could import them into iTunes. I converted FLAC "Lossless" music to M4A and the music still sounds great. It broke down 2.51GB worth of music to 507MB. At first I was a little Skeptic that it wouldn't sound right, but when I played the first song, it was awesome. M4A runs at about 320KB/S which is still pretty good quality. In case you're curious, I have an HP 2000 laptop with an AMD Vision Processor.

Michael · 5/4/2013
Nice app - I'd like an update

This app is great. Although my first conversion project (38 files) froze on the last file and I had to close the app completely, it seems to have finished all the files. The only improvement I would like to see in an update is better quality for the audio quality freaks out there. 192 isn't enough for audio gurus these days. Great app though - simple, clean and works well!

Rob · 3/5/2015
Does not work properly - Memory errors

I attempted to use this app on two Windows 8.1 PCs. It did not work in either situation routinely giving an out of memory error. One PC was an I3 with 4GB of RAM and the other is an I7 with 8GB of RAM. Furthermore, the app incorrectly labeled the converted songs. I did contact technical support and received some initial attempts to troubleshoot the app. But then they no longer replied to my requests. I even asked if I should get a refund. No reply. Note that my requests for support were professional and hopeful. So I am shocked that they quit replying to my requests. So, I am forced to submit this extremely low review, at zero stars if I could.

Lavery · 5/5/2015
Great, but.......

This is a good app for converting files to MP3, MP4, etc., but I wish you could convert a .MP3 to a .OGG file. That would be really helpful, but you may wish to continue searching if you want to convert an MP3 to an OGG file.

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