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Update payment from carrier billing Spanish translation Vietnamese translation 3 new statistics: the longest working time on battery, start time of the last charging, number of charges minor bug fixes

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Troy · 7/11/2015

I like being able to know what level of percentage my battery is at, this app makes it easy for me to know and keep track of use.

Hemant · 7/16/2015

Useful app - does everything i expected. You can tap the tile to see the current status. This is very useful.

Daniel · 7/23/2015

The look of the app is a catch-22. It looks awesome but that makes it a little harder to navigate. I haven't been using it for long but so far it has nice features. I might even purchase the premium features eventually.

Kjell · 7/15/2015

Used to monitor charging of battery. Great app, but The current charging on the "frontpage" shows average and not current charging, which drops it from 5 to 4 stars

Ratindra · 7/9/2015

Perfect design and easily one of the best Battery 🔋 apps. Good work developer. 4 & Half stars

Ron · 6/19/2015

Helped me confirm one of my USB cables only charged at 1.1% per hour vs my other 2 at 10.5% and 11.5%. Funky button shapes I could do without. Would be nice to know charge rate in milliamps and it would be nice if it sampled faster early in charge to get that number so you don't have to wait so long for a full charge estimate. I liked the power source display idea but found it lags due to sample rates. It showed external power at 30% when disconnected. Zero point field!!! Yes! It is also buggy on alterts. It just alerted me low battery 8% in 20minutes, while the charge status shows 86% and my phone battery indicator shoes about the same. They could also improve this by having some fast sample real time data showing when active, along side smoothed slow sample rate data.

Carl · 7/15/2015

Good info quick. Keep it up programming people.,

LS · 6/5/2015

The best battery app ever. There is easy, in depth info about how to use each section in order to save your battery. I would pay for this app in a flash, unfortunately I will be switching phones soon. I just hope I can find you on other androids, and/or iPhone. My Nokia has been the biggest disappointment ever; replaced 5 times in 1 year. The only confusion with this app was when asked to rate the app there was only a 'cancel' box or an 'ok' box: if I press the 'ok' box then I won't be bothered again, & if I 'cancel' then the rate box goes away. Because this app is so good I wanted to rate it 5 stars, but couldn't. ( Frustrating) I finally got through. Sorry I'm so wordy---- but I rely on other's feedback and appreciate when their responses r detailed. GOOD WORK!! ^_~

Donielle · 6/21/2015

I think this app is very useful.i really enjoyed using it.

Abm Kayesh · 7/23/2015

Nice app for windows phones . Estimated time should be included . Great app .