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Leon · 7/22/2015

Excellent app! No cons! I can fine-tune settings to my preferences. I can tap the icon, and get an up-to-the-minute status report of charge and time to full charge or discharge. I can easily get a report of how much running apps and/or functions are consuming. If I want to change phone settings to save energy, I can do it directly from the app. Recommendations are not general, but specific to my usage and situation. Here is something I did not expect or realize was needed. I get a report of the rate of charge and discharge in %/hour. This keeps me mindful of checking for power hogs. It is also helps me monitor the condition of my battery and charging system. Drastic changes in discharge or charge rate tells me that I may need to change battery, charger or phone (Repair? Are you kidding me!?!). I am running the Pro (purchased) version on the Nokia Lumia 810 on TMobile.

Don · 7/28/2015

Doesn't update when charging. Doesn't show charging now indicator. Nice that it shows charge on lock screen...

David · 7/30/2015

Absolutely love this app. Would that all software was this aesthetically pleasing and efficient. Thank you for a really nice little utility.

Stuart · 7/19/2015

Gives you a level of awareness and control that is mission critical in this age of battery hammering - love it.

Geoffrey · 7/14/2015

Best battery app I have found, and combines dashboard functions to boot. Lacking fifth star as lock screen icon is hit or miss. Alerts are nice, and am looking forward to promised enhancements. I have already dumped the other battery managers. c. ccccc c,, ,,, CB g hggggcs cc Would like to see setting to disable sounds on notifications (not fond of battery is charge ding in the middle of the night)

Maxim · 7/18/2015

First, I'll let you know that I don't usually review apps and or games. But this ago deserves a review. It is so useful to me. I open this app all the time to access the shortcuts it has, such as the Wi-Fi and airplane mode, as well as the data connection. The battery meter is also extremely useful, as it lets you know how fast your phone is charging/losing power. This is an amazing app.

Tesean · 7/21/2015

Very useful app when I need to monitor my phone battery while I'm doing something.

Hugh · 7/16/2015

Love the info it provides, been using the app for a year or more now. It works, doesn't seem to mess anything up either.

ANTONIO · 7/13/2015

Only 3 stars because the tile is not updated regularly nor accuratedly. It shows, for instance, 74% but in fact battery is only 50%. To do so, you must open/close the app.

jovira · 7/14/2015

The battery app is nice it gives you info about your phone.