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Bug fixes, improvements and getting ready for Windows 10.

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User · 7/21/2015

this app is great! it's so easy to use! it gives you the information you need & doesn't have a bunch of other things in your way! i love the simplicity & quality of this app!👌

Davina · 7/30/2015

Works great, love the tips. My favorite battery app.

Cush · 7/31/2015

Great. Does not do much besides show battery life but handy app. I use it a lot.

Charles · 7/17/2015

Works great, wish the update on the live tile was quicker.

supadee · 6/26/2015

It help so much it save time I always go to setting to see how much battery I have but this is so easy so you just click on it and done you can see how much battery you have

Don · 7/6/2015

Love the fill bucket look. Different, but can I control or view other apps usage of battery? Love how it fills up once I tap it...

Keith · 7/14/2015

Wish frequency of tile updates were configurable

rick · 6/11/2015

I gave the app four stars, but that was before I learned all the functions. Now I give it five. It provides grew information about battery management and has shortcut icons to add to the battery control.

Rafael · 6/25/2015

Great app. Warning is nice, especially on my Nokia, which is a battery hog.

Caleb · 7/1/2015

Great app, but doesn't update accurately unless you open it.