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BBM for Windows Phone now supports BBM Channels. Create your own Channel, post messages, share pictures, spark discussions and chat directly with subscribers and brands.

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Chris · 7/27/2015

Notifications suck! Take ages to open. When minimized and I get right back to it, it just closes on its own. And for some reason it interrupts my music player whenever I open it. Total disappointment!

Farly · 7/23/2015

The app works as it should, but just needs more performance improvements, like start up, resume capability, and from toast notification. For anyone having problem in-app interaction such as slow chatting or opening emoticons, try installing the app on the phone memory instead of external memory.

Hanzou · 7/21/2015

Update please! It usually showed loading when it opened. Takes a long time to open it

Ls · 7/14/2015

Disappointing,,, this BBM can't open and close automatically after screen time out!!!! BBM for Windows Phone very far behind with Android and IOS. Our Windows Phone Users very disappointed with this BBM that was never added features, appearance, and stability like Android and IOS!!! Don't like picky based OS!!! All the same and it makes no difference. Android, IOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry everyone should get the same features and balanced, so that they can get an enjoyable experience together without having any flaws. Our Windows Phone users are very SHY rated 2-3 stars. No like on the Android, they were given good marks by user. The Windows Phone is still a lot of mistakes and problem that have not been repaired as forced closed when opened.

Syaifuddin · 7/31/2015

Please update and add some efficient feature like the android and ios device. Thank you very much

Ufuoma · 7/28/2015

It takes too long for notifications of messages, sometimes 5minutes. Don't know if this was designed to save battery but it defeats the essence of a real time chat app.

tammy · 7/31/2015

- no notification - no voice calling - update display picture always failed - bug everywhere - no update from others please FIX it!! UPDATE this app!!

Muhammad Fawzi · 7/18/2015

Not faster, very long times. Always playing my music, point in time open bbm, my music auto stop.. App very BAD!!! Please FIX please BBM. Please make bbm look like in android and ios, update

Rory · 7/30/2015

Takes forever to open sometimes. It's also causing the music app to restart my music when I switch back to the app sometimes. Buggy and definitely not as dependable as it was on my old bb.

dwi · 7/6/2015

But its not easy in windows phone. Something wrong? I can't get notifications if i'm not opened it