• Beautiful, simple interface for all ages
  • 3 instrument themes to choose from
  • Play up to 9 instruments per track
  • Control volume for each instrument

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Human beatbox sounds were added in this release, as well as a quick link for rating BeatSpin.

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Reviewer 8024 · 7/23/2015

This is soo cool! It helps open your mind to imagination and thus creativity.

Reviewer 8474 · 6/17/2015

I love it! There is not many sounds but you can make a lot with them sound graphics are great to. If you like making beats this is for you!

Reviewer 9031 · 5/22/2015
The Best for Understanding How to Create Harmony

I was looking for an application to help my daughters understand how a background beat can enhance their ability to write music. After trying many applications- BeatSpin wins without question. The development of this specific application has given them not only a better understanding of music- but in the first day of using BeatSpin, the two of them finished four songs they had been working on for weeks AND they wrote and completed 9 more songs. I have a feeling they will go back over the previous 52+ songs and add a little refinement to their work. Thank you for a fantastic application. Well written, well behaved, easy to understand and simple to master.

Reviewer 5953 · 6/17/2015
beat sipn

it is horrible

Reviewer 6779 · 5/23/2015

Its horrible has only 3 options for beats...

Toni- Nakie · 1/19/2015

Doesn't seem to be able to handle the beats once you put them together. All you hear is static and rhythm slows with each new beat

alexandria · 3/8/2014

This app isn't that good it works for some but the sound doesn't come out clear and its A little annoying sorry.

Reviewer 4279 · 7/13/2015

its not rlly letting you do any thing but dog sound its not good enough to play around with and make good music for the fun of teens or adults my rate is 2 stars

Reviewer 2010 · 5/8/2015

An interesting perspective on beat making as a circular method. Easy to use and play with. Files save and open through the program.

Reviewer 7695 · 7/8/2015

Great app, just very difficult to work with.......................

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