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Douglas · 6/4/2014

I moved back to an android tablet just so I could keep using the better app this is about the worse thing I have ever used.

Casey · 10/30/2013
Something I tried

I tried deleting the app and then re-installing it. However, when I went back in, instead of signing back in, I clicked later and it up-loaded like normal and I can now search my library, like nothing happened. Maybe this might help those who are having blank screens or glitches.

Jason · 9/6/2013
Great Product

I like the many free books that come with this fast app!

Jon-En · 5/3/2015
Logos released something they don't even care for

I am a long time Logos user. I have the Platinum version for my desktop... which translates to thousands of dollars invested. This app has tons of bugs, slow, and little improvement. For example, tried to open one of my commentaries, and all I get is a blank page. Apparently Logos does not care to make a half way decent app. Very disappointed in Logos especially considering my investment in their software.

Timothy · 2/21/2015
Offline and TOC

Make it work offline and give us access to the table of contents so we can go straight to where we need in the books. In other words I should be able to pull up TOC for a bible I am reading and then go to the book-chapter-and verse. Currently I have to browse the entire bible! Once these things are accomplished you will have a good start for an app...

Reviewer 4981 · 1/22/2015

This is a decent viewer that grants you access to your logos library. That's about it. Navigation within the resources is not intuitive as it's pretty much just flip through the pages. Especially within the bibles a reference layout would be nice. But the reader works fine.

Robert · 11/6/2014
Missing too much functionality.

The iPad app and the Android app have much more tablet functionality built in. The basic touch functionality to locate a reference is desperately needed. Having to type out the reference is not tablet friendly.

James · 10/31/2014
App better on my Apple devices

though I am glad that there is a Logos app for my surface, I am very disappointed in all the missing features that I have on all my Apple versions of this app. with this app I cant: 1. highlight 2. add notes 3. check a referenced verse without being taken to the full reference. 4. search books contents. etc. Please update your surface app to the quality of your apple app.

Doug · 10/20/2014
Just OK

Now allows you to read off-line, adjust the font size and will go to a text reference like Matt 5:1 or Rev. Other than the verse navigation the reader has less features than the Amazon reader. Can't change text to white on black, can't bookmark or highlight or search for text. Most surprising there is no menu to navigate the book, chapter, verse by touch.

Marshall · 9/5/2014
Can Logos update their Surface app

Can Logos update their Logos Surface app to be on par with their Android app? As others have stated, the Surface version is near useless. I use my Android tablet much more that my Surface just because of the difference in this app. Is there a plan by Logos to update their Surface app? I use Olive Tree on Surface more and have way less books purchased than on Logos.



  • Browse the titles in your Logos Library
  • Open and read books in your library
  • Automatically syncs most recently read books between mobile apps

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