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Reviewer 3994 · 9/1/2015
Great for my devotions in the morning.

Easy to use. I love the parallel feature about it. You can read the Bible daily in many reading plans available. You can also go to various Bible books and verses on your own. I just love it!!

Adam · 8/31/2015
Love this App - Little Buggy

This app is a must have. Although it has a few bugs and sometimes crashes when switching reading plans it is still great

Reviewer 2806 · 8/30/2015
Where Did the Note Taking Functionality Go??

Normally, I would give this app 5 stars, but I've used the app on an Android device, and recently on an iPad, which I've now exchanged for my Windows Surface Pro 3 Tablet PC, with Windows 8.1. On my Surface, I can read the Bible, my bookmarks are still present - with the ability to make new bookmarks and highlight passages, and my reading plans are still visible. These things are great, but all the handwritten notes that I've taken in the Android and iPad versions are completely missing, and there doesn't appear to be any way of taking notes within the Windows version of the app. I also really enjoyed the more colorful design of the Android and iPad versions. It's unclear why the Windows version would receive such a stripped down treatment, especially since it's a more powerful machine that could better handle the more interactive version. This is rather disappointing, and I really want my notes (both existing and new). Note taking is a very important part of any Bible study.

Ron · 8/30/2015
The Word in Windows 10 works well

I can not say it is perfect. But I was so blessed to find this app in the windows Apps. It is a great interface easy to use in Windows 8. You can see your reading plans and scriptures. Works wonderfully for my daily reading on a touch screen. Keep up the great app functionality for those following the Lord!

Pesio · 8/30/2015

Great App love it very encouraging. love the daily plans and encouragements. Thank you

Gregory · 8/29/2015
Best But,

Definitely the app to choose, but still has some bugs. Some other features like multiple passages open in "tabs" or something would be nice. As it is I use biblehub website for that. A quicker way to switch books once already reading would be nice, too! I like reading white text with black background but maybe I just can't figure out how to get that working. As for the social features, I don't use them so I don't know how well they work. I do love the highlights, however I highlighted on my tablet every command in the new testament that I felt modern day believers still need to obey. My tablet broke, so I bought a windows 10 small tablet/PC and synced it to YouVersion but I can't find my old highlights. My bible plan still showed but I miss the highlights :( That's about the only issues for me! I enjoy the verse of the day! A good way to refocus when rushed out of a daily read or to find weekly memory verses. Thank God for this app and may many pray over it :)

Rachelle · 9/1/2015

I love this Bible app because I can create bookmarks, join plans to strengthen my faith, and highlight verses. Still has some bugs that need to be worked out.

Charles D. · 8/31/2015

I thank God an you for all the time and effort in to this App. It surely be a blessing to me it saves me time and trouble I enjoy it very much as I have trouble reading some of the big words I thank God for using you and Microsoft for putting it all together of us. Great job thanks again

Reviewer 1973 · 9/1/2015
I am grateful

This is the greatest book ever written. And to be able to access it on my computer and phone is amazing. The kids and I enjoy it at night by listen to it until we falls asleep. I pray God blessings on the wise people that came up with this vision of the bible. It's not perfect all the time but it's wonderful to have it. Thank you!

Reviewer 1742 · 9/1/2015
Love this app

Excellent Bible app. Easy to use daily.


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2.0.1: - Translation updates - Minor bug fixes on various devices 2.0: - The Bible App for Win8 is new and improved! Update: - Recompiled app using RTM version of Windows 8 and Visual Studio Update: - Miscellaneous enhancements Update: - Added German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Korean, Swedish and Russian localizations/app descriptions - Added Plans - Miscellaneous enhancements Update: - New icons - Fixes many reported bugs Update: - Several bug fixes - Audio Bibles! - Ability to add highlights - Ability to add bookmarks - View parallel Bibles - Advanced search - Sync with YouVersion.com Update: - Added Live Tile support - Added links to outside sites for: Support, About, Terms, Privacy, Donate - Various improvements to the navigation and online/offline transitions. - A couple minor bug fixes

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