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2.0.1: - Translation updates - Minor bug fixes on various devices 2.0: - The Bible App for Win8 is new and improved! Update: - Recompiled app using RTM version of Windows 8 and Visual Studio Update: - Miscellaneous enhancements Update: - Added German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Korean, Swedish and Russian localizations/app descriptions - Added Plans - Miscellaneous enhancements Update: - New icons - Fixes many reported bugs Update: - Several bug fixes - Audio Bibles! - Ability to add highlights - Ability to add bookmarks - View parallel Bibles - Advanced search - Sync with Update: - Added Live Tile support - Added links to outside sites for: Support, About, Terms, Privacy, Donate - Various improvements to the navigation and online/offline transitions. - A couple minor bug fixes

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Reviewer 3747 · 8/2/2015
Bishop Jimmy Kimani

I have enjoyed doing my bible by reading or listening the bible being read to me. The reading plans are so well planed and spread which makes it easy for all to find fits to an individual . l would highly recommend it to many pastors.

TR · 8/1/2015
So easy to use!

I don't think there is anything that I do not like with this app. I have it on my laptop and tablet. It is so easy to use. The layout is great! The perks that I like are The Dailey Scriptures and the Plans. I use it at church and when you hit the "HOME" button it takes you to a list of all the Books, click on the book you want and then it lists the chapter you need. Quick and easy! Also, I can choose which interpretation I like and you can compare it to other interpretations. Awesome!

Reviewer 0942 · 7/30/2015
Content is great, app is buggy

Always love reading the bible plans, great interface, but randomly shuts off in Windows 8. Love using it on the phone as well (iPhone 5) but also find the app to be lagging. All in all, minor inconveniences for constant access to the Word.

Jim · 7/31/2015

Enjoying the lesson plans and that it has the version that I've always loved to read.

Reviewer 0491 · 7/29/2015

this app I great to have. I have it on all our devices. It's a great way to have easy access to God's word! I'm so thankful for the different translations as it keeps my mind fresh and growing.

Reviewer 3994 · 7/28/2015
You Version Bible

A wonderful Bible to work with. Easy to use and to study. The daily devotion plans are excellent.

Reviewer 1900 · 7/28/2015
Great app.

I've used this app. for many years and love it! Love all the different reading plans to choose from and it is great to always have a bible with me.

Reviewer 0766 · 7/31/2015
one opinion

I love the app! The presenter has a wonderful voice which makes even the kjv come alive. I also appreciate there are no "special effects" or music, just the raw text being read.

Reviewer 0312 · 7/25/2015
great Bible app

Easy to use, lots of Bible versions, lots of bible plans. Great app.

Reviewer 9469 · 7/24/2015
YouVersion Bible Ap is the best!!

I have really enjoyed this ap! My grandchildren put it on my tablet and my laptop. My son and daughter-in-law use it and they love it also. It's convenient, easy to use and has a lot of tools to make it helpful in your daily study of the Bible. You can highlight, you can share passages with others by inviting them to a group. It remembers where you were reading the last time you were on the site. You can choose which translation and version you want to read and my most favorite of all is that it can read aloud to me when I just want to be ministered to. I can close my eyes and listen to God's word being read to me. This is especially good when you are driving and want to get your study time in! I love this ap!!! Thank you so much - this is the best FREE item that's really FREE I have ever had!!

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