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D'Marion · 7/31/2015

I love the bible app,... The only thing I wish you would do, is add a feature where you can put a specific chapter, verse or verses on auto-repeat. I listen to the bible app mostly while driving and if I'm enjoying a chapter, I would love for that auto-repeat to be active, that way I wont have to keep hitting the >going back< button.

Dawn · 7/29/2015

Ugh. I *LOVED* this App on the Android platform, but the Windows version has been very confusing and disappointing. I've given up on reading plans because I can't read the material half the time or more. A HUGE letdown.

Kevin · 7/27/2015

I give 4 stars. The functional still great (except feature "the verse(s) of the day") but the UI still bad. Even this app discontinued by the developer (maybe), but I still have some hope in the future. Maybe this developer wouldn't develop this app in WP8.1 or lower, but I believe the developer will develop this app in Windows 10 Mobile. Good bless you and your crew, developer.

Charles · 7/22/2015

Thanks for this App of the Bible best thing for me. I'm really enjoying the Bible plan, it keeps me on track. Thank you so much......

James · 7/23/2015

Non-sequential Bible-reading programs require manually switching books/chapters, selection lists are all linear - not a good user experience. Abundance of translations is excellent.

Noah · 7/19/2015
Great Bible app

Great app just needs an option to download versions for offline use

Keith · 7/26/2015

I enjoy having the bible readily accessible for reading with this app, but the bookmarks that were made on my computer doesn't carry over to my mobile device after signing into my account.

Sandi · 6/21/2015

I have it installed on three different devices. On my Windows Phone I am not able to see notifications. On my Kindle I get kicked off in the middle of my study time. On the computer it doesn't remember my favorite bible version even though I am signed in. Although there are problems in each I still love that I have easy access to the bible.

Taylor · 7/1/2015

Broken app. The WP version lacks most of the features of the other versions. I also found that once I got into a reading plan there was no way to get out of it to just read the Bible or search other reading plans. I am very disappointed.

Stephen · 7/27/2015
Can not use offline!

I like how simple and fast it is, but I get 10 messages saying there's a problem with the network when I'm away from WiFi.