• Easily navigate to an exact Bible verse using the 3-click Verse Chooser.
  • Use the Search Charm to search for a word or phrase in your Library.
  • Use the Share Charm to share what you're reading.
  • Pin downloaded books to your Start Screen.
  • Includes ESV, HCSB Free, and KJV translations

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Version Notes

- Popups added for footnotes and Bible references - Improved Search results and enabled Type - Enabled type to search – just start typing from anywhere to bring up the Search Charm - Added option to change font size - Added the ESV and HCSB Free - Improved performance *Note: If you are enjoying the Olive Tree Bible Study App, please leave a new rating. It really means a lot!

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J · 7/2/2015

I like Olive Tree software (when it works); however, this Windows version is very buggy and has major issues. It is like a program in beta testing. If you get it to work, be happy. I got it to work decently once, but I could not add anymore books. They "download" and not show up in the library. The Strong's Bible definitions do not pop up if the app does not install them correctly. App crashes a lot. Adding books from the purchased library is hit or miss. Library loses books. The interface is nowhere near as smooth as the IOS or Android versions. Windows version does not get updated quickly; including fixing current issues. Support replies quickly only to say fixes are coming "soon." Soon is not soon enough when the program is not working correctly in the first place. IOS and Android app is FAR better, It is obvious that the company works on what sells, IOS. Kinda do not blame them, but I wish they did not even try a version if it is a half hearted job.

Reviewer 3287 · 6/16/2015
Catching up to Other Versions

This AP is much improved with the most recent release. I really like the search feature in this version. The feature set is improving with each release. The benefits of having e-book copies of commentaries available on multiple platforms, sync'd, and linked through the resource guide are fantastic. It's so easy to take a study library with you on any of your devices. The downsides: It is a little buggy but not too bad. - Highlights don't sync across all platforms as well as they should, and I've had to uninstall and reinstall to try to get some bugs fixed. That means redownloading everything. The biggest thing for me is the study pane is not resizeable in the windows Store version. When you want to use the Resource Guide and then really pour through a resource, it's more difficult to read on the smaller study pane, even on a large monitor. This keeps me going back to IOS where the study pane can be resized.

Reviewer 1751 · 7/15/2015
Can't complain

This app feels a bit funny after using the iOS version, but after getting used to it, it seems to work quite well. Hey Olive Tree, gesture support would be a nice addition. Nudge nudge.

Reviewer 4233 · 6/11/2015
Bible +

This is the best study tool I have used. All resources are synced and accessible. Personal notes are shared to all my devices. Great product - Olive Tree Bible +

Reviewer 5658 · 6/7/2015
It is a little less than ok

I suspect that this app leaves something open when the user closes it. My experience is that if I close it and re open (prior to rebooting the machine), the app locks up. When I kill it with task manager, then I can re open and it works ok. It has issues with the touch screen. I have a Lenovo Yoga and I can't scroll when it is in tablet mode. It also has too much latency when choosing a verse to go to. Wish it were as fast on windows 8 with an i7 processor and solid state drive as it is on my Galaxy S4.

Reviewer 2824 · 6/9/2015
This app is horrible

I have been an avid Bible Reader user for years. I had hoped that when a new version of the app came out it would add functionality. This app is difficult to use and some things that should be obvious are nearly impossible to find. I use Android version on tablet and phone without issue but on this WIndows 8 box just trying to find a way to sign into the account and sync the books I've paid for so I can see them has lost me. GIVE THE STINKING APP A MENU!!

Brian · 5/12/2015

I've been using olive tree since the days of pocket PC. Remember those PDAs that didn't come with the phone? I've been enjoying their olive tree bible study for the windows up until they released this version for windows 8. I keep trying to use this version because the new books I purchased isn't supported in the android or the PC version. This software crashes anywhere from five to ten times a day. I use it anywhere between 2 to 5 hours a day. I tried contacting the tech support via email, they never reply. They used to but when they couldn't figure out why the software kept crashing, they must have given up on me. FYI, I have had the same experience of frequent crashing on both the surface pro 2 and the surface pro 3.

Ricardo · 7/31/2015
Getting better

Much improved but could be better compared to the Android version.

Eric · 5/1/2015
Ugh. I want to like this, bit...

This app constantly crashes in split screen mode. Getting tired of it.

Reviewer 5119 · 4/22/2015
Awesome Bible Study App!

I am from Android Platform. But I am currently using Windows PC. This app is such an handy app even in Android Phone..... I am so happy to find this even in Windows Store. Keep it up developers. Keep new updates coming regularly.... Straight 5 stars for you.

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