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Bishop Bob · 8/21/2015
Solid and Reliable

I'm simply addicted to this App. The ability to sync multiple devices and the sheer magnitude of the resources available are my favorite features.

Nick · 8/20/2015
Very disapointed

I wish you would fix this app for windows. I NOW HAVE WINDOWS 10 AND IT DOESN'T WORK AT ALL! I had this installed on a windows 8 tablet. I loved the app but often it just quits working and the only thing I was able to do is uninstall and reinstall to get it working again. It remembers my bibles etc. But it's just a pain to have to go through the process. I never know when it's going to happen so I can't rely on this app in a situation where this might be the only bible I have in hand

Josue · 8/16/2015
Love OliveTree, dislike it here.

I use Bible+ as my primary Bible study tool on my iPad and iPhone because of how great it is. There is no other app that has such a library, and the tools to help study. Its ease of use, bookmarks, split screen, highlights, reading plans....etc. Its really useful. Unfortunately, on this platform its the opposite. It feels clumsy. Its hard to use. Some of the tools are missing here. Its just bad. I love the Surface and would like to make it primary tool for studying my Bible since it is a tablet and a PC. So it would make things even more easy to do but without this app properly done, I have to just stick to reading my Bible on my iPhone or iPad.

Leland · 8/20/2015
Want to love it...

No Bible reading plans and constant crashes. Upsetting because this is not a cheap set of resources that I have bought for this program....

Reviewer 9544 · 8/1/2015
Love Olive Tree on my phone

Unfortunately this app does not offer the option to log in or give an option for settings. Without these settings I cannot download the books I've purchased and cannot access the features (such as reading a whole page, the resource area covers 1/2 the page and cannot be moved) which makes it impossible to use the app at all.

Gabriel · 8/17/2015
Can't complain

This app feels a bit funny after using the iOS version, but after getting used to it, it seems to work quite well. Hey Olive Tree, gesture support would be a nice addition. Nudge nudge. Update: Awkward under Windows 10.

Doug · 8/26/2015
Doesn't work with Windows 10

App appears to be broken with Windows 10. Resource Guide does not have any information in it, even though bible/dictionaries/commentaries are installed. There is no way to download my entire library in batch, I have to click on every single book that I want to download. There is no way to search for a book by title. Use the Windows version you can download from the Olive Tree web site instead of this app.

Mario · 8/15/2015
A user stated that it doesn't offer login

Login is found in settings -> account -> login (from there you can sync your account). So far, so good!

J · 7/2/2015

I like Olive Tree software (when it works); however, this Windows version is very buggy and has major issues. It is like a program in beta testing. If you get it to work, be happy. I got it to work decently once, but I could not add anymore books. They "download" and not show up in the library. The Strong's Bible definitions do not pop up if the app does not install them correctly. App crashes a lot. Adding books from the purchased library is hit or miss. Library loses books. The interface is nowhere near as smooth as the IOS or Android versions. Windows version does not get updated quickly; including fixing current issues. Support replies quickly only to say fixes are coming "soon." Soon is not soon enough when the program is not working correctly in the first place. IOS and Android app is FAR better, It is obvious that the company works on what sells, IOS. Kinda do not blame them, but I wish they did not even try a version if it is a half hearted job.

David · 8/11/2015
won't restore purchased bibles

I can restore purchased bibles on my Android devices, but there is no option in this Windows App.



  • Easily navigate to an exact Bible verse using the 3-click Verse Chooser.
  • Use the Search Charm to search for a word or phrase in your Library.
  • Use the Share Charm to share what you're reading.
  • Pin downloaded books to your Start Screen.
  • Includes ESV, HCSB Free, and KJV translations

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Version notes

- Popups added for footnotes and Bible references - Improved Search results and enabled Type - Enabled type to search – just start typing from anywhere to bring up the Search Charm - Added option to change font size - Added the ESV and HCSB Free - Improved performance *Note: If you are enjoying the Olive Tree Bible Study App, please leave a new rating. It really means a lot!

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