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cornelius · 8/27/2015

Coming from an active Bing user to rarely checking because after the facelift and update to the Bing rewards on competing devices the service quit working for us windows phone users. That's really backwards to me. Used to be a five star app.....not anymore. We need the same update and facelift everyone else got.

Cathy · 8/10/2015

It appears to be working GREAT!!! Love Bing, especially the Bing Home Page with it's educational geography lesson. The pictures and videos are beautiful. What other search rewards you with points to cash in on prizes. Keep up the great work.

Tim · 8/10/2015
Managing Rewards

With windows 10 & Cortana using Bing on the backend, it's more important to me to be bale to manage rewards than ever. Great app for checking in or using points.

Abdelfattah · 7/31/2015

I keep being asked to verify my identity by entering a Captcha or decoding an audio message. Only I've done both a dozen times, and it looks like the web wrapper for this app is not sending the answer properly. Nonsense... I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I've logged in and out. It asks you to verify your account using a Captcha, and it doesn't accept the CORRECT input, it just leaves you in an annoying loop of filling out captchas. Annoying and useless.

Steven · 8/14/2015
no points on tile

Doesn't show points on Live Tile!! Button/switch to show Bing points on Live Tile is always off even after switching it on!!

Andrei · 8/10/2015

Requires separate login (can't use credentials stored in the phone). 2 factor authentication makes it very hard to log in: you enter password, it asks for code, you switch to authenticator app to get one, switch back and it asks for password again.

Kris · 7/21/2015

It's great and I use it all of the time. I love it and I love getting the points :)

Juan · 6/20/2015

Update the app. Points rarely show on tile and within the app. The UI could use some improvement. Change it to march the look of ui of Bing rewards when using Project Spartan

steve · 8/27/2015

bing is the best you have pictures! i us it all the time.

nkwenti · 8/15/2015
I love the app

I think it's the best, I've redeemed a lot of points just by browsing on my personal issues.


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