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User · 7/4/2013

Sucks...use google maps

BunniesForPeace · 6/15/2012

Very laggy, keeps drifting to East Coast for some reason

jeffb95128 · 11/10/2011

Needs traffic.

Marrick4 · 7/29/2011

This app is way too slow, the map default in wp7 is way faster.

iTarzan001 · 5/7/2011

Doesn't work smoothly , getting lots of errors.

Rudy · 1/19/2013

Great app, but I have some concern, 1. It would be great to have cache functions, so I dont have to reload a new image when reopen the app 2. It seems that the position isnt updated when i locked and unlocked my phone while opening the app 3. Can I choose from and to direction from pinned location?

Ben · 1/9/2013

This is so close to a perfect five... Needs phone numbers for businesses which both Bing and Google Maps provide. Also needs integration with Nokia Drive. I know not all Windows Phones are Nokia, but it should be an option.

ben · 12/12/2012

Best mapping system I've seen so far. Easy to use and understand. It's the only map I'll ever use.

User · 12/3/2012

This is a great app, simple, not cluttered, no adds. I pinned this instead of the default Nokia Maps and now I'm sooo much happier. The only thing missing would be little icons showing which way to turn next to the rout directions - this would make it easier to follow.

Erin · 11/29/2012

Better than the default mapping app. Searching for an address always works but searching for a business name or keyword rarely works.


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