• Easy to use interface
  • GPU & CPU mining
  • Profitability reports
  • Nighttime mode
  • Bitcoin address generator
  • Efficiency mode
  • Mining pool support
  • Fast share submission
  • DirectX 10 & 11 GPU kernels
  • SSE2 x86 & x64 assembly CPU kernels
  • SHA-256d & Scrypt support

Additional information

Version Notes

Bitcoin Miner 1.17 - New Windows 10 look and feel! * Top-left navigation button replaces the AppBar * Background is now white with an orange title-bar - Profitability reports on the main page! * See how much you've mined and how much you'll make! - Nighttime mode! * Perfect for mining while you sleep or are away! * Tap the icon in the top-right to make everything go dark! - Mining performance increased by 10-20% (Scrypt)! * New assembly ARM NEON CPU mining core (Windows Phone and Windows RT) * Improved x86 & x64 CPU and DirectCompute GPU mining cores (Windows 8+) - Efficiency mode! * Mine the most bitcoin while using the least amount of power! - Improved mini-wallet! * Custom addresses can now be imported! * Moved to the settings page from the Welcome Page - Custom mining pools! * Custom mining pools can now be entered - Other improvements and fixes * Mining interrupted notification reworked * Option added to disable GPU mining * Fixed crashes on certain GPUs * Fixed crashes due to glitchy Windows APIs * Lots of additional improvements

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Reviewer 7487 · 7/6/2015

Works great. Only disclaimer is that it doesn't stay running in the background and there is lots of ads

Delicious · 7/14/2015

Gives you some currency but then after a while the numbers are moving but you don't get diddly SQUAT! Checked my balance to confirm, they're making you do all the work for them.

Matthew · 3/18/2015
won't let me in

keeps kicking me out of the program every time I open it up.

Reviewer 4830 · 5/21/2015
don't download

I found a virus on this thing...I did a scan on here with this on it and it found one

Reviewer 6213 · 5/23/2015
Saved me.

this app saved me because I can only use my cpu to mine and other pools weren't recognizing the existsance of my miner (because my cpu is too slow) and now I can mine (slowly but I get it done) THANK GOD FOR THIS APP!! :D

Mike · 9/8/2014
I love this app!!

BUT I don't know why it stopped working then gave me an extremely weird share rate "number" (EXAMPLE) -2.0*=//(,-++0*'"(++) It changes every second to random numbers and symbols. Also please add a feature to change difficulty.

Alex · 7/23/2014
Does not run in background

Just started using this app, so not very much experience with it yet, BUT it's looking and seems to be working great. What I CAN say is it does not run in the background. Would be a great plus if we could set password manually for WafflePool so as to mine at higher difficulty.

Troy L · 6/28/2014
I love the APP and use it a lot, but,

I would like to know and see a few things more with the APP. It is a bit resource hoggish but it does use cpu and gpu run time. but I would like to see more in choices of pools and maybe if it can run multiple miners at the same time or pools at the same time, splitting or shareing the resources to do multiple pools. Very good stand alone miner app tho, love it, use it.

Noah · 6/16/2014
Why did you lie to me?

First of all, this thing mines bitcoins WAY too slowly, but thats not the issue. It says that the app can run in the background, but whenever I try to let in run in the backround while doing other things, this stupid notification tells me that "The app will resume once it is snapped to your screen". So the app soes not run in the background

rob · 5/26/2014
look good

it looks nice and simple, but I have tell its eating up my resources and making the laptop very hot. also way to many adds. other than that im going to leave it running while I learn more about bitcoin. looking forward to more from this app.

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