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Change Log: v1.5.2.84 - Fixes startup bug caused by updating to previous version v1.5.2.83 - Tapping an hour block on the Today page of the app, displays the precipitation probability for that hour - Sharper graphics in some live tiles - Improved live tile update reliability - Return of the Live Tile Size setting for those experiencing problems with the live tile - Other little bug fixes - In order to fix some bugs, some settings have been reset v1.5.2.1 - fixed medium and wide tile style page in dark theme - Fixed displayed price for bundle in add features page - Fixed city name being cut off in some tiles - Fixed a bug in the front wide daily tile - Add feature page no longer shows up if you've purchased the bundle - Fixed bug where update frequency getting reset to 3 hours for some people - Fixed live tile updating if using medium tile v1.5.2.0 (WP 8.1 Only) - New Get It All Bundle to get every feature at a discounted price - New front medium and wide tile options - New back wide tile option that includes precipitation probability - Ability to turn off tile flip - Added wind speed direction info - Live tiles will no longer update every time you open the app to reduce problems with live tile updates (setting available to change this) - Restructured background task for better efficiency, reliability, and lower memory usage - Removed "Enabled Tile Size" setting - Updated moon and precipitation graphics - Various other little bug fixes and tweaks for efficiency

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Kraig · 7/31/2015
Great weather app

The only bad part about this app is the radar, everything else is great. The ONLY reason I have kept any other weather apps is because the radar is awful. WU radar uses a super zoomed out map to the point its useless for looking local. And OWM radar has just been random blobs of color on the map since day one, completely useless. If the dev could fix that I could uninstall the other weather apps. That's the ONLY issue, everything else is awesome! Original: My new FAVORITE weather app, hands down. The timed weather predictions are awesome. App has an easy to understand and uncluttered layout. Transparent live tile is great. It's the weather info you need without the unnecessary clutter, simply awesome. Great weather app, highly recommended!

Andrew Stirling · 7/29/2015

I really love Dark Skies, but I wish that this app pushed notifications when rain is about to start like the iPhone app does, and I wish there were a way for the app to automatically update the live tile instead of forcing you to go into the settings and refresh it every time you want it updated.

Marcy · 7/30/2015

Simple and clean UI, live tile, accurate, no ads. Love it.

Shawn · 7/20/2015
Absolutely beautiful live tile.

Needs lock screen feature though

Greg · 7/18/2015

I was looking for simple weather app to replace the old Microsoft one when I found this. Love the simplicity. Nicely done.

ron · 7/22/2015
Simplicity is here

Wonderful simple app A*

Romil · 7/26/2015

Please let us tile multiple cities on the home screen and not just one.

Bradley · 7/5/2015

Simple, clean looking, functional app. Could use radar animation.

Todd · 7/12/2015

Had to reinstall after an update as it started crashing but it is working again. Over pretty great app. Live tile struggles with location update.

Jerry · 7/12/2015

Simple. Gives relevant info. Nice interface.