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Michael · 6/28/2013

Won't let me import URL games

Leandro · 10/23/2012

Genesiiiiiiiis please :(

Mecha Sonic · 7/10/2012

Can't get Shining Force 2 to run, so what's the point?

Maj Apathy · 2/26/2012

Importing works. Control pad does not - even without sound.

DmitriyMor · 2/1/2012

Demo game doesn't work on LG E900.

Elatia · 3/7/2015

Don't you think it's time to make this free? Your asking price isn't much, but paying for an emu is only justified if there's more development. This app hasn't had an update since 2012. If it won't be updated, why not drop the cost?

osiris · 4/10/2013

Running this on an LG c900 quantum Windows phone 7.10.something. Its awesome. Everything works fine. Solid mapping. Immediately disabled sound so no opinion on it. The only problem I have is importing roms from URL. It seems if the rom is over 1 MB it won't show up in the list after downloading. I'm not sure what happens to these roms but they are not there. I have not tried to download anything from SkyDrive yet. Would have liked to see coleco support in the transfer to windows phone. All in all great job. Reach me by email osirisenigma@yahoo.com

User · 2/4/2013

It is to difficult to add games, urls dont work for either purple cherry or blue tomato. But purple cherry has an in app browser that bypasses this error and you can actually go to the site and hit the download button from the site and the apps actually download. If you add this feature to blue tomato I would gladly give it 5 stars.

James · 11/26/2012

I bought it since the trial game worked but every game I try to import from my skydrive does nothing. In the next tab ("report") that shows what's been downloaded, it says click to try the game out and it says unable to launch game.....did I just spend money for nothing? :( Update: doesn't work on wp8. Open a game...crash. Even the default game. I bought I excited awhile ago and have yet to use what I paid for :(

Player316213168 · 8/16/2012

It is a nice emulator it just needs to be updated to include genesis roms and this would be awesome. Ps if you can't locate roms on the internet you don't deserve a emulator because it is so simple a child could do it.


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