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Reviewer 1866 · 8/27/2015
I would rate it more....if it actually worked!

This app COULD be awesome...if it actually worked! Currently this is not even a one star. It's a zero star. It does not work. I cannot see the workout movements so the tip to click on the movement is useless! There is no "start workout" button so I can't use this. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and it didn't fix the problem. Please fix this app- it has such great potential and I would like to be able to re-rate it with five stars. Thanks!

Reviewer 2300 · 8/23/2015

easy to fit into a busy schedule!

Kyra · 7/10/2015
Good, and helpful

It's really helpful for me to have the pictures showing what I should be doing for each workout, but it's annoying that there are the tips saying you can click on the name to learn more then when you do it doesn't show you anything. Also I have been having problems with my daily workouts... When I get on there are no workouts shown for today, and when I look at my workout log it only shows to the 6th, and it is the 10th today... I would love it that could be fixed... Other than those two problems I love the app

Reviewer 6113 · 7/8/2015
Terrific, just a few bugs

I really like this app. It provides you with a daily workout routine that varies by day and lets you set your own pace. The app also demonstrates how to perform each exercise. It tracks how much and how often you work out and saves your settings, as well as letting you compare to friends through Facebook. The only issues I have with this app is that for some reason, it doesn't always update to today's workout at the right time (sometimes it will update at 10 pm, other times not for a few days). Also, when it does finally display today's workout, it never does so on the main screen where it says it will be displayed. I have to scroll through to the "My Progress" screen and click on "Workouts Completed" to view today's workout. The other bug that the app seems to have is that though you click on each exercise to display a further explanation of how to do it, no explanation ever shows up or loads. I'd really appreciate it if they got these bugs fixed. Overall, a good and very useful app.

Reviewer 2858 · 7/12/2015
Great app, needs more updates

This app is great it keeps you fit, gives you achievements but I feel that they could do better, by giving you areas that you need to improve on, and workouts tailored to your goals. But overall a great app, I would recommend it one hundred percent.

Reviewer 7912 · 6/28/2015
Great work out!

Love the app!! Would have given it 5 stars if it included modified versions of some exercises, and sometimes the picture doesn't come up. I've been using it for a week though and absolutely this is a great work out!!

Reviewer 7755 · 7/16/2015
mobile app and laptop app

(when working I would give it a 4, but with not being able to use for the past 2 weeks I am giving it a 2) I write down each workout In the morning and take it and do it at the gym with others. All of sudden the mobile app will not load and my laptop app will not show any workouts at all. Laptop app shows my name and says todays workout but show none. The mobile app on my android just tries to keep loading.....I have had to look for another app to use for part of my daily HIIT/Interval Training. What is the problem here??????

Reviewer 5992 · 6/17/2015
Varied and intuitive

The app has a variety of exercises to choose from, and offers a daily one from the get-go. It serves well for fitness, but I feel there could be an "advanced" feature that increases the workout's difficulty. That may be a redundant suggestion, as one could try to do more rounds in the designated amount of time. Overall, it is a useful, and supportive tool for the active individual.

Jessica · 8/2/2015
Can't use this app

I have Windows 10, the workouts don't load.

Reviewer 9875 · 7/14/2015
Need new Workouts

Was great in the first week or so. Now it won't show any new workouts. I have to go to my workout history to workouts that were posted before I downloaded this app.



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Completly redesigned app for Windows 8.1. Filled with much more awesome.

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