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Pulsar14 · 9/3/2015
Awesome in Win10 but too many bugs

In the Table of Content, the click on the links to the main Headlines and subtitles many times doesn't jump to the selected page. Please review the TOC functionality. PDF Files: The Highlight selection is not vertical aligned with the mouse position but shifted 2 rows below. Hard to manage sometime. What about PDF zoom in? PDF can't be read often at "fit to Page" scale. Zoom In is useless: text quality is horrible, and no tools available, like Highlighter. Zoom In simply is an Image zoom instead of a standard scale zoom. In Book Information: Please, include the "hard2manage" code of the correspondent Cloud folder name in the Book info details so it's easier to manage / search the book in OneDrive local/remote folder (currently I need to open and scan each cloud folders to search for a particular e-book). PDF viewer: Missing the "Separate cover Page" option useful in most pdf magazines to show better result in 2 columns content pages

Reviewer 7052 · 8/3/2015
The Best eReader for Win 8.1

I've tried every eReader in the Windows store, and I found this one to be the best even though it was somewhat expensive to remove the ads. I have a large library of epub and mobi books on my OneDrive that I organized with Calibre. This app syncs well with the OneDrive, and I like the way it displays text, cover art and animations better than Freda, Liberty, Fiction Book Reader, Nook, etc.

Bee · 8/2/2015
Good but could be great.

I really use this app a lot for studying epub books. So what improvements I think could be made are that I'd like to be able to underline, and there need to be more colors to highlight with, or at least be able to change the opacity since some are really too dark.

Kunal · 7/30/2015
Best E-reader

Simple, easy to use, and great features. I've read several books on it now and found it very comfortable. Only issue is that it makes my Surface Pro 1 hot and causes the fans to kick in.

Krizia · 8/5/2015
Best reader app in the store!

I love it, and the advertising does not bother me. It supports notes, marks, and I can view PDF, EPUB, and MOBI files. Integration with the cloud was the best thing that could happen to this app. Best reader app hands down.

Richard · 8/2/2015
Best reader for Windows

Love this app. Works great just wish I could add writing on the margin. Very happy with it overall.

Reviewer 4338 · 7/25/2015
Best Windows 8.1 reading app

After 3 months using Windows 8.1 tablet, and having tried several reading apps, this one is by far the best. It's disappointing that no Windows reading apps work as well and have the features of Android apps, particularly Moon+, but this one comes closest to having the features needed for study, as well as reading. I like the multi-color highlighting and notes features, as well as the text-size and page-color options. I don't like that page- and chapter-breaks are often in the wrong place. I prefer vertical scrolling, and this should be smooth, so that I can view a complete paragraph on one page. I would also prefer a pop-up box for footnotes. It's great that Windows allows me to use two apps at once on my screen, so that I can open a dictionary beside my reading app, but I would much prefer it if this app had a built-in dictionary. Neither the app nor the website appear to have been updated in a long time. Is it still being supported, and will it work when I upgrade to Windows 10?

Reviewer 1500 · 8/7/2015
An Excellent Free App for Reading eBooks

I've been using Book Bazaar for a little over a week now and so far I am very pleased with it. There are a few features that I miss from my Kindle Touch, but so far that's my only criticism. I look forward to future versions of this app.

Christine · 8/19/2015
Do not update

This app worked great in Windows 8 and 8.1. It was my default ebook reader because it could access so many formats. But ever since upgrading to Windows 10, I've had nothing but issues. One day, the app wouldn't open. It just kept loading and when I tried to do another task, the window closed. After I clicked to open it again, it loads forever but never opens. After uninstalling and reinstalling, I get this error message: Error detail message: Unspecified error. How helpful. I really liked it, but I won't be using this app anymore.

Reviewer 6165 · 8/10/2015
Nice work!!!!

wow....this a great application... it makes you have the feeling of reading real text.



  • Recognizes books in EPUB, MOBI, FB2, PDF, TXT formats
  • Synchronizes libraries with the cloud on OneDrive
  • Download books from OPDS catalogs (has a big list of built-in catalogs and allows using your own links to catalogs)
  • Import books from files on local machine
  • Supports bookmarks, highlights and notes
  • Integrated with Mail, IE and note taking apps via "share charm"
  • Nice page turning experiences (sliding, or 3d)
  • High performance with big book formatting, rotating and resizing
  • Allows to choose font family and font size
  • Supports Table Of Contents
  • Quick page preview using Reading Progress bar, with ability to jump to any page.
  • Color themes for daylight and night reading
  • Page history storing jumps within a book via table of contents or hyperlinks
  • Rich book content format using all features of HTML5 (tables, images, SVG, CSS)
  • Custom fonts - user can define her own font palette
  • Margins and line spacing can be adjusted
  • OPDS catalog list customization
  • Text-to-speech

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Version notes

Release 3.0. Synchronization with cloud implemented (on OneDrive). Few bugs fixed. Performance improved.

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