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Reviewer 9052 · 8/27/2015

You can't get books so this is the breakdown. If you want books than you better look at a different app because you have to sign up for OneDrive or skydrive which costs money or you can sign up for a free trial which is like 5 days and if your already signed up for skydrive/ OneDrive than you have to purchase books than upload them to OneDrive than upload them to the app so I wouldn't get it :-[

kay · 8/26/2015
is fine

I don't have any problems

Wanda · 11/18/2014
Kingdom Ministry's

Helps us learn how to teach others

Kyle · 9/5/2014
Does not work for s...

I was hoping this would work, its hard to find a decent app in this store. All I wanted was something where I could read PDF's and it would keep track of what page I was on and give me the ability to zoom in and out. Pretty simple. At first it seemed perfect until I noticed the fonts were all messed up and it was missing pictures. Can't read like that so It's useless. There are not settings to adjust at all.

Christopher · 9/5/2014
Not Bad

Unlocked for a modest price and it links to SkyDrive for convenience. My main interest in the app was the 4,000+ audiobooks. I like to study and have a book on in the background. As long as the devs keep updating and working on this app, I think it's a keeper. I hope my financial support helps make this app one of the best.

David · 8/30/2014
OK, but needs some improvements

I like the layout and interface and reading books is fine, but there are a couple of things that are holding me back from using this as my main e-book reading app. First, as others have noted, you cannot move a book to a bookcase. You can only remove the book then switch libraries and re-add it. I tried long-clicking a book and it selected it, which gave me hope, then the selection disappeared before I could do anything. The Microsoft OneDrive sync seems intriguing, but the explanation was so badly translated I wasn't sure what it was promising. Finally, PDFs all have the same solid color icon instead of the cover photo like other e-readers and since a lot of my books have come in that form, I see a lot of generic icons instead of easily picking out my book. It picks up icons from EPUBs just fine.

Christian · 12/16/2013
Mostly Annoying, but...

Too few fonts. Annoying percentage counter. Clunky resizing. Pages too wide and cannot be costumized. Still, it is free...

J · 11/21/2013

This used to crash on me all the time but is much more stable now. Would be great if the imported pdf's had an actual image of the document instead of a plain brown "book."

Lukas · 10/26/2013
Really good, but the sync is not very good

Every time I add a file that already is my SkyDrive it will upload, and very slowly so. This needs to be fixed, specially on w8.1 that gives better SkyDrive support

Bartlomiej · 8/6/2013
Nice start

Syncing with skydrive is amazing but the app lacks a lot. It needs more customization for fonts and backgrounds (i.e. solid backgrounds). There are some great readers out there providing awesome experience (kindle being one of the best :) )



  • Night mode
  • Font size control
  • Epub file associations
  • Support for EPUB
  • Book case management
  • EBook password protection
  • SkyDrive sync eBook
  • Read eBooks
  • pdf support

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In this update, we made ​​the following changes Support pdf, Support bookmarks The new interface Fix some crashing bugs

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