• Access, view, edit, share and manage files directly on your Windows PC
  • Upload multiple images, videos and files
  • Easily share files and folders as links with Windows Share
  • Invite colleagues to shared folders and leave comments on files for them
  • Find content fast with Windows Search
  • Pin live tiles to your Start screen to see updates on files by colleagues
  • Navigate large directories with Semantic Zoom (pinch-and-zoom)
  • Manage your files and folders with batch move, copy, and delete operations
  • Save files from other apps to your Box account and access Box files from within other apps using the Windows 8 File Picker

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* Bug fixes and performance improvements

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Reviewer 9472 · 7/23/2015

Box is way better than Dropbox! Thank you very much for this App.

Reviewer 2515 · 5/31/2015
Great Idea, needs work

The instructions are lacking and this app does not seem to be capable of making shared files available offline for read-only, like the android and IOS versions do. If this could be updated, this would be a great app for windows tablets like the Surface 3.

Tyler · 4/1/2015
Must have for the Box user, but has limitations

This app smartly displays box files, and even allows regular saving directly to the box cloud drives without any permanent storage to the computer, which can be quite helpful for ARM based Windows devices that cannot install Box Edit. Unfortunately the application does not monitor flawlessly over long sessions and will often provide a message that the transfer failed (May be related to architecture and operating system limitations). This can be easily remedied by manual transfers, which may be somewhat inconvenient. Also contains some of the intrinsic limited understandings Box has of common file types such as *.xlsm files (macro-enabled Excel Workbooks).

Wilda · 2/21/2015
Simple & Very Useful!

This app saved my picture collection that I uploaded to it to test. Then my laptop died unexpectedly! I found out how important back up is in real life. (you'd think I knew, I have been computing since the early '90's) 2 GB is a lot for free!

James · 10/31/2014
Good for basic connection, but...

On the Surface 2 I am locked into a view of files and folders that only shows first 25 characters of the file name. This is frustrating and I wish we could just have a detail list view of the files like we would have in windows explorer but I see no option to do so. If they were to add different views it would be a lot more useful.

Ed · 9/13/2014
slow and pretty useless

forever loading thumbnail, complicated file sync that doesn't quite work, cannot download file. Have to switch back to other clouds. Was lured by the large storage, spent ages uploading photos, hope I still have the originals.....

Tarik · 8/21/2014

Fantastic. Only needs a pin lock

pdfnet · 8/14/2014
Does not work well as file picker location

When using Box from a file processing app (Such as a PDF in Reader) it can't save changes to the opened file. That is, from Reader you select Browse and pick a file from Box. If you then edit it and click save, saving will fail.

Matt · 6/11/2014

Dropbox is 100% better. I am frustrated because I have a lot more storage in box, but the functionality of dropbox is so much better. The files in box don't update on the app, making the app completely worthless.

Johannes · 5/31/2014
Improved and more enjoyable to use

UI is definitely better than Before, its shows more information now - for example, each map(s) size.

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