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SmoochySix4 · 12/5/2011

Constant connection errors on HD7.

angela · 3/28/2015

Microsoft I love more every second. Keep opening my old eyes. It may take this brain a few. By your hanging in there with your public and find new ways on these new technologies... Thank You. Amen.. God sure is Good

User · 10/26/2014

Love the options it gives you for the most part- especially for creating folders, renaming your photos, & making this app fairly easy to navigate. It dies require the need to have a lot of work invested in this app towards multiple improvements. For example, U've accidentally put a couple of my photos in the wrong folder. Yet try as I might-pushing the photo&link on screen down a few till ur options menu appears: yet there seems to be no real way to do the easy transfer, even think I read in this application's general manual u should be able to. In addition, pics are fairly slacking in the high-speed upload dept, making creating just 1 sibmngle complete folder w/ all it's contents/photos a pain in the BRAIN throughout the entire process starts to cause a thin line between love & WAIT..

Bob · 5/31/2013

Well done but I need to be able to download files locally. With that functionality, I would purchase the full version.

Gary · 2/7/2013

Nice interface. Looks like a WP app should. Quick browsing. Can move, copy, and open files. Can also upload pictures. Shows you your quota too. Too bad you can only stream media and not download it which is a requirement for me. "Album sync" is an unknown since it's not in the trial.

Daniel · 12/9/2012

Very good and fast. Is a must ... Maybe the best in its category but it has the same design like others all in black. The company might try improving design using DropBox colours and white background.

CMilian · 9/6/2012

Great app, love it. Best app on my phone after Police Scanner 7 of course!

Player865270364 · 5/11/2012

The Metro UI makes Dropbox fast and easy.

ToddA1966 · 4/11/2012

As good a Dropbox app as is available on Windows Phone, but not nearly as functional as DK's Windows Mobile app "DroppedBoxx". Ability to download/cache text, picture, and Office doc files locally to phone would be good features for an update.

TKETZ196 · 4/11/2012

Easily the best dropbox client in the marketplace. The UI is nice, connects easily to dropbox, and easy to navigate. Doesn't crash and upload is a breeze. Glad to see the dev to fill the dropbox hole.


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