• Get push notifications on the biggest stories
  • Scan the latest updates in seconds from news sources across the globe
  • Get 4X more updates than @breakingnews on Twitter
  • Watch updates refresh at the top automatically
  • Share stories using the windows 8 sharing charms

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v1.0.1302.8001 * Live tiles now cycle through latest 5 stories. * Refresh occurs when notifications arrive * Refresh and activity indicators * Bug fixes

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Reviewer 6389 · 2/19/2015
A distinct disappointment

The name of this app is misleading. This is really only a Twitter extension, not an actual news site. The inability to access actual news stories related to each headline without leaving the app and tracking it down online killed my interest in it.

Bill · 10/19/2014
Great Breaking News Source.... Would be 5 stars IF

.... I could change the colors of the "tiles" that the stories appear in. I have no problem with the white, but orange makes people hungry. I want them to be RED like everything else that I like.

Diego · 4/11/2014
Now has live tile!

The live tile now makes this a five star app.

Bryan · 3/22/2014
Good, but needs more...

...more settings and controls over what news is presented.

Joseph · 3/19/2014

No functionality like iPad version. It is fast and fluid, however.

Rachel · 3/8/2014
Best App to keep up to date with!!

I love this app, and I use it everyday. You'll be able to keep up with everything going on in the world!!

th · 2/7/2014

Why on earth would a user want to click on a 90 character headline to open a news item that's the same 90 character sentence??? ...too many items link to utterly useless, one sentence Tweets. Thanks for abdicating your entire journalistic responsibility, American media. What is the difference between an orange article, and a white article? Your guess is as good as mine... App suppresses the print function, for no discernible reason.

Bill · 11/16/2013
Best news program

I really like this program. Each tile can be touch to bring the source of the news blurb. Keeps me informed and look at this several times a day to get informed....

Josh · 4/11/2013
Live tip text is too large

Needs other improvements as well, like the logo and use of accent colors though

Adam · 1/30/2013
See the latest news at a glance.

Very simple, works well and is easy to use. It is in snap view right now and I can see the news change as it happens while I am writing this. Well done.

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