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Jim · 2/18/2014

Reads all the feed files I've thrown at it, but the UI is a confusing mess. Once I figured out how to queue a podcast I then couldn't get it to play.

Jeff · 4/24/2015

Still the one to beat! Not sure why it doesn't have more reviews. But I've tried alot of podcast apps and this one is the one I use. Lots of nice features for control.

Brett · 10/26/2014

Variable speed playback please.

Jayme · 10/20/2014

Really an excellent podcast app. It's my default for the regular batch of audio shows I listen to. A WiFi-only background download would top it off nicely. Otherwise a functional UI makes it easy to manage the queue.

Eric · 10/19/2014

Switched to Windows Phone from Android. I researched podcast apps, and found this is considered one of the best. It imported my OPML file from Skydrive, although the file has to be named bringcast_subscription_export.opml or it can't find it. The app seems to work well enough. The developer is responsive. I asked why there was no variable speed, and they quickly responded it was an operating system limitation which hopefully will be fixed in 8.1. I've been listening to podcasts at 2.0 for so long I can't stand to listen to them speak at normal speed. Just don't sound right. Bringcast is a good app, and I look forward to further enhancements. 10/19/14- I'm changing my review to 1 star. This app is behind where the iPod/iTunes were in 2005. Still does not have variable playback speed. Cannot sort podcasts. For almost 10 years, I've been listening to my podcasts in order from oldest to newest. That feature is not available in BringCast. It also groups podcasts together, rather than in order by date.

Nícolas · 8/29/2014

Fantastic. The best podcast app on Windows Phone Store.

Matthias · 5/17/2014

Playback speed x0.9 would be my dream feature :D

Fred · 5/12/2014

Great app, looking forward to the next release with variable playback speed.

Andy · 4/16/2014

Best $1.5 I ever spent . Please keep improve the position feature.

Matthew · 4/2/2014

Far and away the best podcatcher I've used on WP. I've purchased and used a few other higher profile, higher rated (and more expensive) apps, but they've all had one issue or another--such as not resuming correctly, not streaming well, not downloading properly or not tying into the lockscreen controls like it should; Bringcast is the only one that works flawlessly for me. I was a little disappointed at first when I couldn't find a couple of usual podcasts, then found that pasting the feed URL works perfectly too. Outstanding app.


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3.87: Updated podcast database Support for the Pcast protocol 3.86: Updated podcast database 3.8.3: Updated podcast database Transparent tile that support Windows Phone 8.1 photo backgrounds Bug fixes