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ART · 9/7/2014
Not there yet

Paid for ad-free version. I concur with those saying a full-month view calendar would be far more useful than the current time/timezone/date-day. This is missing any local weather indication (which makes the ad itself somewhat misleading ...granted that could be my expectation over the developer's claims); weather should be added (along with options for "other areas"). I'd also recommend the developer add background options (including themes, pix, etc.). As it is, even for a buck-and-a-half, it's not really worth spending additional for the ad-free version (all you get is a MUCH larger notes area ...which isn't very useful at all). So I wouldn't recommend buying it in its current state; it's minimally useful as an example of the potential for "snap apps" though, so I gave it two stars. If the developer implements any of the suggestions in the future, I'll revise my rating.

Suzanne · 4/10/2014
Terrific but frustratingly incomplete

I love that this app provides some of the gadgets I miss from the days of Windows yore. I also like being able to design different tool layouts for different situations. That could be quite useful. HOWEVER, I would really love it if I could simply place the clock and calendar ONTO the desktop, not over and obscuring it. I was hoping these tiles would show separately and be movable on the desktop (again, as in the pre-tile olden days). Like so many other Windows 8 app reviewers, I just want a clock and calendar on my desktop. Just a clock on my desktop. And a calendar. On my desktop. Nothing else. Just a clock, and a calendar.

Reviewer 3897 · 3/3/2014
Where are scientific, programmer, and financial?

I am used to the calculator supplied by previous versions of Windows that provide more functionality when needed. I can't find it in Win8.1, and many other apps lack previous functionality.

Carl · 9/1/2013
I really like this...

Add a calendar (or maybe option to swap calculator for calendar), and I'll give it five stars.

Edward Scott · 7/28/2013
Good product

Like the way you can go from calculator, to the note tablet without loosing what you had on the calculator In addition, either or..

Erin · 6/27/2013
What happened to the calendar...?

I installed this because it had a calculator and a calendar in the same snap window, which I frequently used together when scheduling bill payments on my RT tablet. There have been some nice updates to the app, but now the calendar is gone. Not so useful anymore. A kitchen timer would be nice. The clock/date are unnecessary because a simple swipe from the right brings those up. Adds functionality to the Metro interface on tablets in snap view, but would be better with more gadget choices.

Joseph · 2/21/2013
Great APP

New to Windows 8. This app gives me everything I needed for desktop mode. very simple. perfect for my needs. very happy with this

Susan · 2/15/2013
Love it

What a handy gadget. I've kept Notepad++ and a calculator pinned to my task bar for several years--now I can have them snapped to the side of my workspace--and can easily move it out of the way anytime I want. Perfect!

Chuck · 2/1/2013
Almost There

I would buy this app in a minute if the 12 hour time format didn't say AM when it is actually PM. This is a very useful app and would sell well with a little tweaking. Great for work. Please come out with an update!

Jeremy · 1/27/2013
Very handy app

This app is excellent and really demonstrates why the Windows 8 snap view is such a handy feature. Kudos on a very useful app! Requests for future enhancement: 1) Please add a "Programming" mode for the calculator (enable/disable via settings) with Dec <-> Bin <-> Hex conversion. 2) Add a "Go back to today" button for the calendar, so you can easily get back to today after browsing past/future months. 3) Stop watch and countdown timer gadgets.



  • Calculator
  • Date
  • Clock
  • Time Zone clock
  • Search & browse
  • Notepad

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