• 3 Different Themes - Metro, Windows 7 and Windows 95. More to come soon!
  • Scientific and Basic Calculator - Switch between the two modes by rotating the screen.
  • Optimized for Tablets and Desktop - Touch and keyboard input as well as keyboard shortcut support. (E.g. press "s" for sinus, "l" for ln, "p" for PI)

Additional information

Version Notes

v1.8: - Large numbers are separated with commas for better readability - Added copy and paste option - Themes button now shown in appbar to be easier to find - Fixed smaller bugs in calculation engine v1.5: - Fixes in the calculation engine - Typing brackets is supported - Pressing "Esc" resets the calculator - Rating popup can be dismissed for good v1.4: - When pressing "sin", "cos" and other functions the behavior matched the Windows calculator. E.g. entering 90 then pressing "sin" will result in showing "sin(90)" now v 1.3: - Pressing "=" again results in the calculation being taken forward as expected, e.g. 3 + 3 = 6, pressing "=" again will show 9 - ... and a few more bugfixes based on your feedback.

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Reviewer 9302 · 7/20/2015

Very simple app to use and simply put, very practical. Definitely provides quick math solutions for people like me who can't perform quick math calculations in my head.

Bob · 7/1/2015
Very Good Calculator

It has been a joy to use this application. recommend it for anyone of all ages.

Reviewer 0405 · 7/5/2015
The best calculator

I love this calculator is so easy to use I LOVE IT :)

Reviewer 9454 · 6/29/2015
Good size and good functions

Large numbers and working space. It has basic functions I most often use.

olf2 · 6/23/2015
Great App

Nice, functional, easy to use calculator

Matthew · 7/8/2015
Really Great!

Love this calculator! beautiful on my tablet and really functional for work!

Reviewer 1750 · 6/20/2015
great app

this app coming in handy quite often and fast opening.

Reviewer 0953 · 7/19/2015
Wonderful App

This app is wonderful very large to make sure you see the numbers. Like myself I like visibility very large

Reviewer 3822 · 7/10/2015
Business owner

Very easy to use but also very powerful

Reviewer 3491 · 6/17/2015

Large numbers, it does the job and is accurate. Lots of scientific funtions

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