• Fully featured, free app with an in-app purchase option to remove the adverts and unlock additional calculators
  • Over 50 scientific functions
  • 125 mathematical and physical constants
  • Over 150 World currencies
  • Over 200 units for conversions across 26 categories
  • Statistical functions for memory values
  • Calculation history
  • Customisable tax buttons
  • Auto, Fixed point, Scientific, and Engineering display formats with choice of digit grouping
  • Enable or disable operator precedence
  • Keyboard support + Live Tiles

Additional information

Version Notes

New Features (4.0) • Financial calculator. • Implicit multiplication, e.g. type [2] [sin] [30] instead of [2] [×] [sin] [30]. Improvements • Rebuilt as a Universal XAML app, allowing settings, history, memory and favourites to be shared across all devices. • New Windows 10-style navigation, with greatly improved load times when switching calculators and launching the app. • Reverted to the original Clear button, with the Backspace button now available in the main view of each calculator. • Holding Backspace implements CE. • New medium width view for the desktop. • Favourite conversions can now be saved in the Currency and Unit Converters instead of favourite currencies/units. • Added Litres per 100 kilometres to the Unit Converter. • Added metals to the Currency Converter and removes/updates currencies no longer in circulation. • New circular images for the currency flags. • Transparent Live Tiles on Windows Phone. • New icons for each calculator Live Tile. • The Currency and Units tiles now show the respective favourite conversions. • Memory and History are now shared between all calculators. • Simplified Settings. • Improved input of functions with two arguments, e.g. type [ⁿ√] [8] [;] [3] instead of [8] [ⁿ√] [3]. The Equals button changes to ‘;’ after entry of the first argument. See the ChangeLog for full information about this update.

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Dustin · 7/28/2015

Very very well done app. Runs smooth and has tons of options. The country flag for each currency is a great touch! Quit griping about paying for extra features (regardless if they used to be free) as that supports developer. This ones definitely worth supporting!

Christopher · 7/24/2015

Nice design. Clean interface. Very useful. The goto app for calculating on Windows Phone.

Rui · 7/24/2015
The new interface is horrible, more so with large fonts

The app is very good, but the UI for the new version is really awful and it's totally screwed up if you use larger fonts. I even paid for the app, because I think the functionality is great, but the new UI needs to be revised ASAP.

Norman · 6/20/2015
Excellent Tool, Great Options

The benefit of having all the options to calculate all the functions within one calculator is GREAT. Area's, conversion of money value and intricate math problems, makes this app the best one to use. Great Job done by the developer.

Reviewer 5781 · 7/28/2015

easy to work

Peter · 7/25/2015

Used to be easy to keep track of currencies in start screen. That has now become 'to be paid' ... I'll get my currencies somewhere else and look for another unit converter at the same time.

Elliott · 5/26/2015

The app really works well. It has a highly useful feature set and a pretty good interface. Switching between modes is a bit slow. Worth paying for.

Reviewer 5138 · 6/5/2015

Works well, quickly gives answers. Scientific mode works great.

Rushels · 7/24/2015

Latest update made an already great app even greater.

pramod · 5/27/2015

Basic calculator not have memory functions.

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