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Reviewer 4679 · 6/9/2015
Like very much!!!

The calendar app l find it very easy to use. I especially liked that it stores the calendars. I use the calendar for looking back to see, trips, when bills were paid, and personal notes. I sometimes will do a little journal of the day. Thank you for develop of this app. This the one app I have been looking for. You did not talk about updates in the future? I would like to notifications and Updays in the future.

Keanu · 6/16/2014

It's ok it could use some improvements on some things, overall good

Patrick · 8/18/2015
Works like it should

Took seconds to install. Changed the settings and added it to my start tiles. Absolutely no problems!

Cy · 4/29/2015
Great App

I like the way this app puts the calendar right on the Start Screen and that it is highly customizable.

Phil · 1/24/2015
Solid work

I'd like to see this improve a little bit... like having some control over 'current' day display and possibly being able to have a different color for days in which I have things scheduled looking different than days for which I don't... and being able to set which calendar the tile reads from.

Gee · 1/24/2015
Can't get past the setup screen

I chose the settings I'd like after the install but it won't work. No Live Tile, no Calendar. Don't bother installing it.

Carl · 1/20/2015
PERFECT! (no internet required)

Simply follow the developers instructions..... download/install customize allow app to run in background Well done.

Christine · 6/9/2014
Only one thing I don't Like

.....is that you cant pick a day & write a birthday or an appointment. But I like all the options, including being able to pick your own background. I can see the month & day on my task bar, wanted something I could write BD's. app't's, to-do's, & reminders on, add that & you get 5 stars!

Ernesto · 5/20/2014
It does what I needed

The app does what I wanted. It displays a calendar tile on the start screen. It has several configuration options and looks nice. It could have different color schemes to pick from and many other things, but since it does what it says and, so far, it works well for me, I'm keeping it and giving it a five for now.

Brian · 2/20/2014
Solves a shortcoming.

I wish Windows 8.1 included a calendar. You know, something that lets you look up a date and see what day it falls on. Instead, it includes a calendar that acts as a planner....sluggish to open, then requiring quite a bit of navigation to use as a simple calendar. This program allowed me to quickly put 12 tiles, one for each month of 2014, onto my Metro sceen...the first tiles I see when I go to the Metro interface. Viola, I can look up the dates in a given month, like on a calendar. Duh.



  • Calendar, for tiles on Start screen,
  • Live tile to show 'today' on the primary tile
  • Customize options, font, size, line, colors, etc.

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This is Release 6. - This is the first release of UWP version for Windows 10, also available for Windows Phone 10. - On Windows 10, this app no longer needs to be registered as a lock screen app. - Large tile is available on desktop only. Note: Primary tile won't be pinned automatically by default. Please find this app from Apps screen and pin the tile to Start screen.

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