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Stefan · 1/4/2015

Lousy so far. Can't create an account and log in with my windows phone

Bethany · 1/5/2015

I paid for this app thinking it would be more than worth it. I love the online trackers. This app never worked properly. I just reported the issue, and was told it doesn't work because of a bug and to just use the online trackers. Well, what did I pay for?

David · 12/21/2014

Great library of food. Makes it easy

Brad · 6/4/2014

I used to rate this one star higher, but it's falling due to a lack of updates. I can at least track my food, but if I want to view any stats (even of the current day), I need to access the website. The app doesn't even have a way to view my macronutrient intake for the current day. I'd really like to see some activity on their part to update this app.

Gary · 3/7/2014

After emailing support, it is syncing correctly again. Great app to have when you don't have access to a computer. I use it daily.

Stephen · 3/2/2014

Feb 2014 update. Phone app down now for 4 days. No server connection. I just hope this a precursor to a major update that improves the app. Live strong guys ... Please either make the app sync on open, or at least put a sync button on the working screens not buried in the settings. But first, please bring this app back online!! The livestrong site, service, people and Windows 8 app are awesome. They are saving lives! I have lost 20lbs using them in 2 months. But the winphone 8 app is the weak tool in their toolbox. Fails to sync with site most of time. Pulls down database entries for exercise with zero calories in them > half the time. Not usable. Funny thing is I started with this app and it used to work great. Also not free when the much better windows 8 RT app is free. Go figure. Again, can't stress enough, livestrong myplate on the web is awesome, use it. Change your life! you totally can! This app though is just for emergency entries which you later will have to correct online.

Louis · 2/28/2014

It used to be great now it won't connect to its server. The following was my previous rating. 5 stars because it is the best app of its kind for windows phones, but there's room for improvements such as adding the options for water intake, keeping resent foods for at least 7 days, saving favorite meals, truly calculating the calories to reach goal without creating a livestrong account. But overall it is a great app. Highly recommended.

Matt · 2/27/2014

I would have rated this at least 4 stars -- for the first few days, it worked great, and my only complaint was that it didn't have a way to save favorite foods longer than a day or so. Then suddenly, it stopped working a three days ago -- could not access the server at all. I sent in two service requests and so far they have been completely ignored. 2/27/2014: it's happened again. Server has been down for three days; I sent mail; apparently they don't care. Demoting to one star. Horrible customer service. (For the record, it ended up being down five days that first time in 2013.) Edit: I'm not really being fair. They are trying to fix it, and for nearly eight months it's been fine. Moving it to three stars.

Brent Jeremy · 2/6/2014

This app does a decent job, but could definitely be updated with more features!

Amos · 1/21/2014

Great app but could use an update.


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