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maria · 8/25/2015

I was struggling to scan my certificates for soft copy ,and I didn't find any scanner present near by... That was great , when I remembered this app. Finished my work in no time... 😍

Daniel · 8/16/2015

I think this is the Best, most feature filled doc scanning app for windows phone. I love how it syncs with all of my other devices nearly instantly. I use an iPad all the time at work but my phone takes much better scans. By the time I open my iPad the document is already there. Great product.

Thành · 8/8/2015

Great, useful and simple, easy to use

Carlos · 8/12/2015
Best scanner app.

Very good, easy to use and it has all the features I want.

Ahmed · 8/2/2015

Does this app allow scanning to PDF? Yes and perfect. Some technical issues face me sometimes when using this app, but definitely no better app does this more than CS!

PandR · 8/18/2015

Looks like makes you register to even try the app. No thanks

Ryan · 7/30/2015
Best scanner for wp8.1

I use it to scan all my documents works as advertised on wp8.1 doesn't open on windows 10 mobile preview though

Ken · 8/20/2015

It's free!! Still experimenting, but so far, it seems to be working better than an IPad scanner.

Ed · 7/18/2015

Great app. Copier on my hand! No need to ask for copies, just scan my own. A must have.

Swan · 8/10/2015

OMG.....This SCAM SCANNER got updated to version2.5. There is no option to save documents only on the phone. Everything goes to the cloud & need to enter the user id , password. Got an email from developer stating that document saving option on the phone-only is not possible. But competing app handyscan, office 🏢lens has got option to save on phone and email the scanned documents in PDF format or in image format. Handyscan and officelens are much better than this. This is SCAM scanner. This app should be renamed as spycam or spy scanner. Microsoft should delete this app from app store.


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In v2.5, we added : 1. Option to choose resolution while scanning 2. Digital zoom (swipe up while scanning) 3. QR code scanning feature 4. Option to sign in to the web app by scanning QR code with CamScanner app 5. Cortana support to open scanning feature, search by keywords and open a specific document, supporting English and Chinese mandarin 6. Option to set app protection password (in settings)